Mr Bean’s Wacky World of Wii (Juniors)

Mr Bean is on his most outrageous adventure yet – and he’s inviting you along for the ride. Teddy’s been kidnapped by a mysterious villain, and Mr Bean needs your help to find the ransom – 200 cat biscuits! This action-packed comedy game is based on the smash hit animated TV series and stars all of Mr Bean’s famous friends and foes, including his beloved Irma Gobb and even the mischievous moggy Scrapper!

Name: Lesha

Age: 9

Did you enjoy this game?

Lesha: It was ok, you use the Nunchuck to move Mr Bean around. You jump on boxes to collect cookies but they might be cat biscuits actually. There are 12 levels,  you have to rescue Mr Bean’s teddy from this bad guy with a beard. The bad guy pretended to be a policeman, he stole teddy cause he’s mean.

Was there anything you disliked about about the game?

Lesha: It was all fine it was just too easy for me, I think if I was about 5 I would have really liked it!

What was the best bit about the game?

Lesha: I don’t know, I like Mr Bean though. I think my littler cousins would really enjoy it. It is fun but I wanted to be able to do more cause I know how to play harder games.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Lesha: If you fall down holes you have to start back at the checkpoint again sometimes they are far apart.

How much fun was this game?

Lesha: It was half and half, it was a good game but too easy for me.

Parents Comments: Lesha lost interest in the game very quickly as it just wasn’t enough of a challenge for her.







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