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It seems that the last month or so has just whizzed past me. Things that I wanted to do I haven’t and things that I’ve done I can’t remember. At the start of 2009 I have a whole new life in front of me. Once again single after twelve years, I can make the kind of decisions that only a woman would object to. Okay that may be a sweeping generalisation, but I mean a non-gaming woman!

Yes, bachelorhood brings to me a big new HD telly, décor of choice in my new flat and as much gaming paraphernalia on display as I choose. In equal measures this is both a scary and exciting prospect, living by myself, but getting to see my daughter every weekend is hopefully just the start.

Anyway I digress. My first point here is that for the nine years I have been living with my ex my gaming equipment was kept well out of display. Like many people the PS One or Dreamcast or whatever console was bundled under the telly to be pulled out in times of need. Indeed at this point in time my Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii are all secreted out of sight and all the games are away in drawers, but not for much longer.

I have been looking at the prices and of course the style of DVD storage racks, to maximise my proud gaming display. Not only have my games been kept hidden, but my DVD collection too. So off come the mothballs and out come such treasures as Local Hero, Restless Natives and Comfort and Joy for all to see. I really can’t wait to see the shelves filled up with my treasures. I can’t wait to just walk up and choose a game rather than rummaging through a drawer.  To all you one gamer families, I feel for you, I know exactly what you’re going through if you have an unsupportive other half. My shackles are broken and once again I am ready to shout out loud,

” I am Martin and I’m a gamer! “

This is not my front room







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  1.  avatar

    I have to admit to possessing an incredibly geeky level of excitement when displaying my wares too. In fact when we moved house last year we made sure to find one with four bedrooms so that there was one for the wife and I, one for future children, one for her to use as a manga studio/Guitar Hero shrine and finally one for me to display all my gaming goodies and plethora of Godzilla figures in.

    Is it wrong that I sometimes walk into these ‘display’ rooms just to look at the collections from time to time? Sure makes me smile though! IKEA is the way to go!

  2. Jonathan Grier avatar
    Jonathan Grier

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. Darach avatar

    Local Hero? LOL.

    Congratulations Martin! The whole world is now your icky-sea-creature-of-choice! Leave the toilet seat up, the towels on the floor and turn that bachelor pad into gaming nirvana! Lovin’ it. 😀

  4. van-fu avatar

    For once, me and Darach seem to be in peaceful agreement. Stomp around your lair. Invest in a baby fridge for the living room, for your Stellas. For no other reason, but just because. Enjoy the feeling of not having to consider the feng shui of your flat when choosing your TV, only the price. Throw out the mood lighting, scented candles, anything in pink colours.

    But above all, stay alpha, baby!

  5. Dave avatar

    You are genetically different baby – Whoo!

  6. Duncan Aird avatar
    Duncan Aird

    Strangely my Nintendo Wii is bundled out of the way for times of need, and my Playstation 1 sits proudly out in the open.

    God I love that Playstation…

  7. lordstar avatar

    that picture you used there is that not the home cinema worth a cool 3 million?

  8. Rob avatar

    I would love to just walk intoa living room that was totaly stocked up on games. As im a uni student i havn’t got dvd racks to stash my games etc. I have countless amounts of dvds and my games are stashed in a chest.

    Luckily my other half got an 360 this christmas so if we ever get a house together i’m sure there will be no argument as to having a nice console set up in the living room 🙂

  9. Tony avatar

    My collection is on proud display. It’s not so vast and I don’t really go for odd collectibles, though, so they’re just normal DVD sized boxes in a rack!

    Good luck with the single life, Martin. Must be weird after all those years.

  10. Razgate avatar

    Big Daddy V said
    “Invest in a baby fridge for the living room, for your Stellas.”

    I don’t think you’ll need to invest much cos I’m positive Retro Boy G’s trying to get rid of his.

  11. Lorna avatar

    Good for you, Martin 😀 There’s nothing better than to be able to finally put all your stuff out on display. After living in a boxroom for years and then moving to a place with my partner where there was no room to have stuff out, it was such a relief to finally get the room to open the collections up. The new place is even better 🙂

    Only prob is, I told myself once it was all laid out, there would be no excuse not to use it all…things haven’t exactly worked out that way, slacker that I am 🙂

  12. DUFFMAN2K9 avatar

    you just hit the nail on the head.

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