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  • PC gone mad!

    PC gone mad!

    A friend referred to Fran, as a ‘console gaming peasant’. So instead of applying a cheeky slap to the face to said friend, Fran decided to write about it…

  • Games of the Generation – Part 4: The Sublime

    In the age of the Romantic poets the idea of the sublime came to mean an overwhelming, almost religious feeling of awe in the face of nature; an intoxicating mixture of pleasure and fear. The Romantic poets and wealthy patrons flocked to the Alps in droves, and those snow capped wonders to them couldn’t have…

  • We Play Games – Games of the Generation

    With the new generation of consoles looming, Zoey asks some of the team which games were the highlights of this generation for them.

  • Answer Me This – Enthusiasm Blues

    Michael Slevin ponders his recent gaming glut.

  • The Ready Up Podcast – Season 2, Episode 17 – RU24/7

    Tony and John are joined by Indra and former RU writer and now VG 24/7 fellow Dave Cook. Games into Movies, new games and REALLY old games too!

  • The Ready Up Podcast – Season 2, Episode 16 – The (not so) Average Podcast

    Tony, Producer John, Simon and Special Guest Debbie Timmins are all over the map this time around, from early text adventures through to speculating about the new Xbox.

  • Why I Killed That Judgemental Mudcrab In Skyrim

    I killed a mudcrab in Skyrim. You probably worked that out from the title. I killed some four legged creature – I think it was a deer – in Oblivion a few years ago too. And what do these apparently unconnected acts of animal cruelty have in common? I firmly believe that in both cases…

  • A Stocking Full of Coal

    Christmas time is always a joyous time for PC gamers. During the festive season, the good people at Valve go bonkers and drastically reduce the price of selected games as part of the Christmas Sale. And don’t go thinking that it’s only mediocre games getting a price slash. Last year, quality titles including, but not…

  • Life Outside of Skyrim

    I slept deeply on the night of November 10th. It was an unusual experience. It was rare that I slept, even rarer so deeply, but my body was not one to reject good rest. My brain is not the most functional organ when sleep-deprived, which has been heavily documented in my previous writings. If only…

  • The 12 Games of Christmas

    On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me; free DLC for Battlefield 3. On the second day of Christmas, my true love gave to me; two psycho loons; and free DLC for Battlefield 3. On the third day of Christmas, my true love gave to me; three red lights; two psycho…