The Ready Up Podcast – Season 2, Episode 17 – RU24/7

Tony is joined by Producer John on the mics again, but have no fear, Laura WILL be back next time! Indra Wignall is our staff guest and Dave Cook of VG 24/7 and formerly one of our very own, is our super special guest! We chat about ZX Spectrum load codes (Tony’s load options were actually for the Commodore 64, btw!) and the spectrum of current gaming activities.

Current gaming

  • John: Defiance, Skyrim
  • Indra: Minecraft and, rather depressingly, Facebook games *hangs head* (her words!)
  • Tony: The Unfinished Swan, Bioshock 2, Skyrim, Guacamelee
  • Dave: Injustice, Dead Island Riptide and Soul Sacrifice


  • Wii online stuff goes offline
  • Is the Evil Within the return of ‘proper’ horror? – Shinji and Bethesda link up…
  • Ratchet and Clank – the movie! Can a movie from a game EVER be good?
  • Also… Heavenly Sword movie – a beautiful thing?

The Big Question:

Which game world would you like to put into an entirely different genre?

Things we talked about:


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