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  • Nintendo 3DS update brings new Streetpass features

    On Thursday Nintendo released an update for Nintendo 3DS that will add new features to the system. Nintendo 3DS owners can now change the expression of their Mii character when they meet another user’s Mii in StreetPass, additional updates to StreetPass Mii Plaza are now made without requiring an update to the overall system. Four…

  • Answer Me This – Why Don’t Games Make You Smile Anymore?

    Mike asks why are there so few titles these days that you can’t help but smile at due to their creativity and innovation?

  • Nintendo shutting down certain Wii online services

    One of the seven signs of the impending apocalypse has been announced, as Nintendo has confirmed that it will be shutting down selected functions of the Wii’s online services on June 28th this year. All 100,000,000 or so Wii owners will lose the online functionality of the following Wii services when Nintendo brings the pain…