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  • itch.io – A Hidden Cache of Gaming Treasures

    itch.io – A Hidden Cache of Gaming Treasures

    Verity delves into itch.io, a repository of some great little indie games, and finds some gold.

  • In Space No-one Can Hear You Base

    Thom gets spacey with the 5th Alpha release of Doublefine’s SpaceBase DF-9.

  • Pixelhunter – Broken Age

    Dean shares his belief that Broken Age is a refreshing take on the point and click genre.

  • Broken Age to be Broken into Two Pieces

    With the game outgrowing its original ambitions, the new plan is to release the first part of the Broken Age saga early next year, and use “Early Access” Steam sales to help push the development of the second episode forward. The news – which Tim broke in a “Backers of Adventure” update – seemed initially…

  • The Humble Double Fine Bundle is live and for charity

    The Humble ‘Double Fine’ Bundle is now online with up to five games on offer depending how much you want to contribute. For those unfamiliar with The Humble Bundle way of things: you pay what you want, and to who you want. If you want to pay $0.01, then you can – but you may…

  • Double Fine Adventure game is now titled ‘Broken Age’

    It’s been just over a year since Double Fine’s Kickstarter project ‘Double Fine Adventure’ was successfully funded with a (at the time) recording breaking $3.33 million, plus an additional $130,000 or so from it’s ‘Slacker Backer’ program that is still ongoing. Now, finally, after a year of waiting Double Fine have announced the crowdfunded Double…

  • Double Fine Adventure

    Tim Schafer has always been something of a maverick within the games industry. Although it had originally been conceived of as serious in tone, for instance, Schafer’s dialogue for The Secret of Monkey Island convinced Ron Gilbert to turn it into a comedy. Much later, after founding Double Fine Productions, Schafer responded to the commercial…

  • …And Justice For All

    I was first introduced to metal when I was in Primary 4 or so; I was at a friend’s house and he showed me a video of Metallica’s Enter Sandman. I hated it and never wanted to listen to it again – little did I know, those four horsemen would later become my favourite band.…