Ready Up Podcast S07E02 – Gulliver’s Travels

Verity is standing in for Susan this episode and we welcome Ready Up team member Adam Gulliver, who is recently back from perusing the wares at EGX. Apologies for the sound quality this episode, everything that could go wrong did, and back ups of back ups were bought into play.

What have you been playing?

  • Adam tells us what football is like in the year 2018 with PES 2018 and Dean tries to dredge up any residual football knowledge. Much the same as it turns out. By the way this is what football looks like in 17776 – scroll down and prepare for an existential and crazy ride.
  • Adam’s been playing Danganronpa V3: Deadly Harmony, a kind of Anime murder highschool, and he’s been enjoying it despite the rise of fan service. Which leads to a tangent about watching Saved by the Bell and Hang Time on Trouble.

  • Verity’s been up a mountain recently (and if her internet connection is anything to go by she’s still up there) so she took the opportunity to brush off her 3DS and play Harvest Moon: A New Beginning.
  • Verity keeps the nostalgia going with a discussion of Lethis: Path of Progress, which is a throw back to the Caesar games. There’s a spectacular tangent to Dark City: “We make your dead our wessels!”
  • Dean has started playing Divinity: Original Sin 2, and has to fill in Verity and Adam on the joys of this game’s unique twist on cooperative play.

Spotlight: EGX

We sent Adam to EGX and we hear a little about what he saw, for a more detailed report see his write ups on the site. We touch on Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Super Mario Odyssey, The Occupation, Production Line, Rogue Trooper Redux and Dean talks about seeing the developer session with Jake Solomon on the creation of XCOM.

Two Truths, One Lie

It’s time to wrap up with Adam, an we discover the embarrassing truth of what’s on our bedside tables!

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