Upcoming VR game Ganbatte brings you sushi-eating cats in space

VR games allow you to do the impossible, to live out an experience that you wouldn’t ordinarily have the chance to in a way that is both immediate and fun. Maybe you’ll travel through space, be a space zombie hunter, shoot things to your heart’s delight, or take a wander in the desert and…shoot more zombies.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a cat in a sushi restaurant in space. Well, soon enough, thanks to Mimicry Studios, you can live that dream, too!

In Ganbatte, you take on the role of cats who, for some reason, are in a sushi restaurant, which is also a spaceship. Up to four players can take part in a fast-paced game where the aim is to eat lots of sushi, ideally more than your friends.

You’ll be able to use voice-chat, customise your cats and also use various facial expressions to communicate with your fellow sushi restaurant goers. Ganbatte aims to combine “the best of shared competitive arcade game experiences, with the sense of being present in a unique and fun space”. Did I mention the space sushi restaurant, and the cats?

The premise of this game makes me think of that dear classic minigame in Pokemon Stadium on the N64 – Sushi Go-Round. The developers even cite that minigame as an inspiration, asking themselves whether it could work with cats in space. In that game, you controlled a Lickitung desperately trying to eat as much sushi as possible. So anything that even conjures the vague memory of that game, with its silliness, irreverence and bursts of fun is definitely a win in my book. Cats in space eating sushi sounds close enough!

Ganbatte is coming up to an early access release on Steam VR later this year. You can follow @MimicryGames, check out more at ganbattegame.com or follow the game’s development at ganbattegame.com/blog



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