Dead Effect 2 VR Shooter

Dead Effect 2 VR Review

Susan put on her VR headset and her brown trousers to shoot some space zombies in Dead Effect 2 VR by Badfly Interactive.

Dead Effect 2 VR takes place on a space station where things have gone horribly, horribly wrong. Somebody has been naughty and conducting some shady experiments, things are now out of control and it’s down to you to fix everything! In Dead Effect 2, you can choose your character from a burly man, to a no-nonsense woman, to a… space ninja with a sword?

It might feel a little bit cheesy, but you’re not there for the story – you’re there to shoot things in VR. Navigate your way through claustrophobic corridors, shooting your way through an array of enemies ranging from slow-shuffling zombies to feral dog monsters, on your way to find other survivors or pick up items.

This style of game in VR is guaranteed to make you jump at least a little bit, and unless you’re made of stern stuff it will take some time to find your equilibrium, keep your cool and remember how to reload when you’re in the middle of a desperate fight. The game is very mission-based but there’s nothing wrong with that as it breaks the action (and the inevitable jump scares and shocks) into small, manageable chunks that give the game an arcade feel.

If you really want to, get to the bottom of the mystery or just ignore the story and go where the game tells you, shooting things all the way.

Dead Effect 2 VR is available on Steam. The game is also available in non-VR versions for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Follow @deadeffectgame on Twitter.



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