The Ready Up Podcast – Season 5 Episode 9 – Schrödinger’s Pokémon


Mistaken identities and podcast loops! Hosts Dean Bowman and Susan Marmito are joined by Kieran Robertson, Ready Up’s ‘baby Kubrick’. Dean would like to apologise to Cameron and Adam for his appalling memory, and particularly Cameron for accusing him of liking the Resident Evil films. It was unacceptable!

What have you been playing? Kieran talks about FRACT OSC, and Dean says silly things because he doesn’t know about music. Kieran also talks about the Uncharted Collection (or ‘young man climbing simulator‘, according to Susan). Is it over-hyped? Meanwhile, Susan has gone back to school with Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc but now all of her friends are dead. The moral of the story is don’t make friends with Susan! Also, she now knows what the folk over at Cane and Rinse were talking about when drawing comparisons to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Susan has also been playing Firewatch and doesn’t know what to make of it, other than she should probably go outside once in a while. Dean has been self-flagellating by playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on nightmare difficulty and talks about his hatred of elves. He’s also been playing The Division Beta. He’s not the messiah, he’s a very naughty boy! And finally, Broforce is compared to a Christmas cracker.

It’s the news! HTC Vive has racked up 15,000 in preorders, which is almost as much as HoloLens dev kit is going to cost (Three! Thousand! Dollars!). What is the uptake of this tech going to look like? Palmer Luckey thinks it’s going to be a long and bumpy road. On the other side of the spectrum, Steam have found a way to more fairly sell you bundles with games you already own, which prompts discussions about whether digital products are fairly priced and Dean goes on a ramble about Open Access at universities and the value proposition of digital non-rivalrous goods. Are Xbox becoming a new PC hybrid? What does this mean? We. Just. Don’t. Know! Finally our fluff piece: Are Sony bringing back the Powerglove!? Dean speculates whether we will see a degloving simulator?

Site spotlight Susan takes umbrage with Kieran’s review of Yoshi’s Woolly World. Dean takes umbrage with the fact that it’s a review (it’s not a review, we promise).

Who’s that Pokémon? It’s the theme of the week, and to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokémon, we’re talking about our favourite Pokémon and exploring just what is wrong with Dean (the sound of typing in the background is him desperately trying to find out more about Pokémenz). Oh, Dean!

Two Truths, One Lie Despite admitting to trying to fix the competition beforehand, Kieran’s two truths and one lie does not go the way you might expect.

What have you been playing? It’s time for a ‘what we’ve been playing’ reprise to discuss Kieran’s adventures with a pen and paper RPG. Wait, are we stuck in an eternal podcast loop?

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