The Ready Up Podcast – Season 5 Episode 3 – ‘Tilling the Proverbial Wasteland’

Fun in the wasteland this episode! Hosts Dean Bowman and Susan Marmito are joined by Verity Hartley, aka Ready Up’s… Femme fatale?

What have you been playing? Susan is disappointed with Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Dean has been having fun with Magicka 2 and Verity has been wandering around in bright pink power armour looking for a broom in Fallout 4: Happy Home Designer
It’s the news! The story of Billy Mitchell losing his case against Cartoon Network prompts a discussion of notable famous giant floating heads.
Black Friday deals, or not What is your most extravagant gaming purchase? Check out that sweet Farming Simulator rig!
Site Spotlight Pieces by Danny Russell and Sean Halliday address our need for hoarding retro gaming culture. Also Dean loses his mind over optional hyphens and recounts a fascinating anecdote about going to a music concert.
Two Truths, One Lie Did Verity really break two copies of the same game within a week of each other?

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Ready Up Podcast theme music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.



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