The Ready Up Podcast – Season 4 Episode 14 – “It’s a Virtual Future!”

Easter took its toll on the team with both Simon and Tony suffering from over-indulgence over the long weekend. Simon has realised he’s getting older and blames God for now needing regular sleep!

Jonny Cox however is as fresh as a daisy and brought an air of intelligence to the ‘cast – let’s be honest though, it’s a low bar.


  • Jonny shares his surprise at the CoD Nazi / Zombie / Asteroid backstory
  • Simon has been playing Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment and sort of likes it!
  • Do we need a game set in the 70s? Tony thinks so!
  • Big games cost a lot, are we seeing too many sequels to games just because they’re safe?
  • Simon has started collecting games, principally because he never plays any of the ones he’s bought!
  • Tony is enjoying Drive Club (finally!), very pretty and a discount price on PS+
  • Jonny brings some literature to the mix with “Ready Player One” and believes it may be a vision of the future!
  • Tony reminds us that PlayStation Home has closed – as has OnLive. Sorry Second-Lifers!


“The Crash Bandicoot Memorial Quiz” lurches from the shadows to strike at your soul!

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Ready Up Podcast theme music courtesy of Tommy Tallarico.



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