Stumped – Short and To The Point

Happy autumn my mobile gaming lovers!

Time for some more mobile gaming fun. This blog I thought I would do something a teeny bit different. So as well as the standard blog I also decided to add as a bonus one off section, my musings on recent tech news.

Tiny Tower Vegas

Until I looked into this game a little more, I didn’t realise it’s from the creators that made Disco Zoo, which I own and love. Now before I knew who made Tiny Tower Vegas, the game felt more like it was a developer’s first major attempt at making a mobile game. I felt there was a lack of explanation of what it was you needed to do, beyond building rooms. I make the assumption that this could be down to the fact that this is the follow up to Tiny Tower, but I still think that there is no excuse for not providing the player with just a bit more to help them get started comfortably. Once you’re into what you assume is the correct swing of things, the game is okay.

Tiny Tower Vegas

You build your rooms to attract customers to stay in the hotel or to take part in the additional activities such as gambling. You spend coins to build rooms, Bux to speed up build and chips to take part in the games. You choose which staff to hire based on their strengths of what they like to do and you have to restock each floor to make sure there’s something for the guests. Whilst it’s great that I kinda know what it is I need to do, knowing that I’ve played another game from their range which I thought was totes, Tiny Tower Vegas for me was disappointing.

Bend it like iPhone 6

So as I am sure you are already aware, iPhone 6 is finally upon us. While I was heading towards getting the iPhone 5, I wasn’t really too fussed about the 6. But after having a look at the phone and realising I could get the 128gb for the same price I paid for my 64g 4s, I just thought that this could be the phone for me. Now iPhones and their software seem to have a tendency to cock up if you’re hasty enough to get it as soon as it comes out. Remember the aerial shenanigans of the 4, the Apple Maps confusion following the update of which ever numbered software update it was. So imagine my relief and concern when I didn’t put in my order after reading about the iPhone 6 plus bending.


Apparently only 9 official complaints have been made to Apple, making the situation a very rare one and the suggestion has been that it only occurs in iPhone 6 plus. But saying that, I’ve watched a video of a guy bending the iPhone 6 and it didn’t take him long to do it. Regardless of which model anyone buys, to spend upwards of £600 for anything and this happens, is beyond a joke. To put it bluntly, it’s taking the piss. Having said this, my love for iPhones is still there. I’ve got my fingers and toes firmly crossed that Apple will think of something to rectify this because I really really, REALLY want to get my sticky mitts on one.

And there you have it. A short but deliciously sweet blog for you. Did you like the new edition to the blog? Remember you can let me know by responding to this blog or to any of my blogs to let me know exactly what you think. Until next time, keep on puzzlin’.







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