The Inside of Curiosity’s Cube is Revealed

Curiosity: What’s Inside the Cube? was a social experiment by Fable and Populous creator Peter Molyneux, designed to bring people together in a team effort to reveal a wonderful prize. It took 25 billion taps to pick away at the cube and reveal its centre.

Peter Molyneux previously said that the reward would be “life-changing” – and in some respects, it potentially is. He said in the winner video, embedded below:

“You, the person who reached the centre, will be the god of all people that are playing GODUS,” He added: “You will decide—intrinsically decide—on the rules the game is played by. You will share in the success of the product. Every time people spend money on GODUS you will get a small piece of that pie. … You will have fame, you will have fortune, and you will have the power to introduce morals into a game.”

Defining and controlling a game world is a very unique prize, but what’s more interesting is that winner Bryan Henderson will apparently take a cut of the profits that GODUS makes.

GODUS was kickstarted by Peter Molyneux’s team 22cans last November, where it exceeded its goal and earned £526,563. The game doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but is expected on PC, Mac, iOS and Android.



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