APB: Reloaded – Beta Code Giveaway

With a new developer and a new free to play model, GamersFirst will shortly be re-launching the excellent, but initially short lived MMO, APB as APB: Reloaded.

All Points Bulletin is a massively multiplayer online third-person shooter game based in the modern-day fictional city of San Paro featuring two factions, Enforcers and Criminals. Players can join either faction, and then form their own customised team and group to join the constant battle across the urban landscape.

In our usual excellent fashion, Ready-Up has a load of Beta keys up for grabs to let you get on and experience the game before anyone else and help contribute to the final product.

All you need to do to enter is follow @readyup on Twitter by the 30th of March and fill out the form below.

[contact-form 10 “abp_beta”]







3 responses to “APB: Reloaded – Beta Code Giveaway”

  1. Jaih avatar

    Is thisa a shame for Beta application keys, or are these the real deal ? I’d have to wonder, as how many sites and such are offering to give away beta keys, and are actually giving away beta app keys for, the “next wave”

  2. Mark P avatar

    Don’t worry, these are the real deal. Promise!

  3. Phonix avatar

    For the record, I won one of these, and it was only the application key, nothing more…

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