An Answer To The Question We All Hate

It’s perfect.

The length is just right. It doesn’t cost too much. It’s funny enough to keep it enjoyable the whole way through. The difficulty is just right. The characters are excellent and the story mode keeps you interested right up until the end.

Given the amount of games you have played in your life, how many do you think you could say that about?

I’m going to go ahead and guess that it’s probably one or two, to date. This is the only game that I have felt that I can truly say these things about and not feel like I’m hiding something. This is the only game that exists that I feel that I 100% completed the game, all of the side quests and missions because I wanted to; I wanted to see what the characters would say, I wanted to see the benefit on getting the additional items. I enjoyed going the extra mile to make the experience complete.

I have only played through it once, I could play through it one hundred times and still enjoy everything about it. This is my perfect game, I know I don’t need to keep revisiting it, it did everything right first time.

When the DLC was released, I didn’t hesitate to pick it up, the points were added to my account and I immediately stopped what I was doing to get back into the action. It was almost like I was engaged in auto-pilot.

So, if anyone asks you the question in future, you know, the one we all hate answering; “What’s your favourite game?” – I now have an answer for them, do you?

Oh yeah, the game is Costume Quest and if you haven’t played it, you are a dick.

Double Fine, I salute you!
Double Fine, I salute you!






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  1. Zoey avatar

    I love it so much. The dlc was awesome too. Fingers crossed for another batch. With this and then Stacking, Double Fine have really won my heart.

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