Here’s One I Made Earlier

Like one heck of a lot of people, I’ve been playing an awful lot of Call of Duty: Black Ops (or CoD BlOps as it has become rather unfortunately known). As well as being an absolutely tremendous multiplayer shooter, it also drew me in by offering the ability to create your own playercard, which is a sort of emblem made up of different layers of shapes. Many gamers have gone to town using this ability, and have created some incredibly artistic doodlings. Others, of course, have gone mad making swastikas, animals raping other animals and – predictably – giant cocks. There is an interesting moment in the Venn diagram where the two collide, and you get the occasionally excellent diagram of a penis that would fit right within a biology text book. I’ve actually learned a few things about the female undercarriage thanks to CoD BlOps, too.

So, I had to create my own playercard. I decided that rather than going down the classic Nazi/bestiality route, I’d try something a little different, and after a while managed to build up a fairly decent approximation of the Ready Up logo, which I thought I’d share with you all, so you can proudly wear the Ready Up name on your gun and banner as you charge into battle. Be warned that to do this you will need to have unlocked nine layers on your playercard. There are only three shapes you need, and they are Square, Rectangle Thin and Rectangle Medium. Annoyingly, one of the rectangles requires you to be Level 40, so if you’re prestiging you may need to wait. This is what we are aiming for:

Start off in Layer 9 with a simple square, in white. Make it so that it will fit alongside another one of itself, with a small gap in the middle, as below:

Hit Y to duplicate Layer 9, and now Layer 8 will contain an identical white square, exactly on top of the first. Now, using just the left stick, move it alongside its twin as below. Be careful not to move the right stick or you will alter the size and it’s very hard to get them to match again.

Duplicate Layer 8, then enter the new layer (7), and use the D-pad left and right to alter the square to red. Don’t use the primary coloured red, use the one to the right of it, for a slightly darker red. Now, using only the right stick, shrink the square as seen below. Not moving the left stick means that the square will be perfectly aligned.

Duplicate Level 7 and move the red square in Layer 6 over the white square on the left.

Again, duplicate Layer 6. Enter the new Layer 5 and use the D-pad to change the square to white, then shrink it using the right stick and place it as below:

Duplicate Layer 5, then enter Layer 4, and simply move the white square to the right until it touches the white border. Align it vertically so that the top of the square is aligned with the bottom of the other white square, as below:

Select the empty Layer 3, and choose a Rectangle Medium (found on page 19) in white. Place it below the white square to look as below:

This bit is the only slightly difficult part of the whole operation, making the white middle part of the letter U. For Layer 2, use a Rectangle Medium, and place it as below, so it is slightly offset, and the U is not symmetrical. Don’t worry about the fact that it’s wonky, we’ll sort that in the final step.

For Layer 1, select a Rectangle Thin, in the same red as used before. Carefully line it up so that it covers the Layer 2 white rectangle, and use it to trim the thick line in the middle of the U.

And there you have it. Don’t forget to stick the emblem on your gun, and go forth and make Ready Up proud of you on the battlefield. Good luck, soldier!






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  1. Celeste avatar

    You know you can also make boobies? ^_^

  2. Mark P avatar

    Pffft, don’t be silly, Celeste. NOBODY makes rude emblems in Black Ops! 😀

  3. Higgeh avatar

    Celeste can you give us a tutorial on how to make ( . )( . ) ?

  4. Zanetrain16 avatar

    You should post it up at They have the largest online black ops emblem collection around

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