Marvel Super Heroes 3-D – Grandmasters Challenge

With many companies still trying to make decent party games for the Wii, it should come as no surprise that the Marvel comic universe has been dragged in to the fray. Marvel Super Heroes 3-D  has you playing as five famous super heroes on a Trivial Pursuit type game board, in an attempt to overthrow the devious Grandmaster. The twist in this game is that it comes with masks of the five heroes fitted with red and blue 3-D glasses, which you use to play the game in 3-D, but you can turn the effect off and just play it in normal vision, too. Donning our masks for an evening’s entertainment, Ready-Up Junior, Shannon and I looked rather silly as we started the game.

Ready-Up Junior: Shannon

Age: 9

Tell us about the game.

At first I couldn’t decide what mask to wear because I thought I would look stupid, but my dad put one on, he was Wolverine, he looked very silly.  I decided to wear the Spiderman mask, it felt strangely sore on my nose and it just doesn’t look right.  The five characters are Spiderman, Wolverine, Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. They have all been transported to another dimension by the Grandmaster. The only way you can escape is by smashing a dome after you have played round the game board.  The first level I played as Spiderman, where you had to get around by swinging on your webs and shooting robots with your webs, too.  With our masks on it looked good sometimes when you were swinging in to the screen, other times it wasn’t as good.  Once we had had our turn we had to try and smash the dome by swinging our Wii remotes.

When you break the dome, after about six tries you then have to fight a boss, who could be Doctor Doom, Red Skull or the Lizard.  Once you have done this the game is finished and you can go on to the next level.

What was the best bit about the game?

The best bit was beating  my dad on some of the levels.  I beat my dad by defeating all the robots on a few of the levels. To beat them you have to follow the instructions on the screen that tell you how to move your Wii remotes.  You get about three seconds to do the action or you will get hit and fail the level.

What was the worst bit about the game?

The worst bit was the 3-D at times because sometimes you would see double of the stuff on screen and it would occasionally go quite blurry.  It got a bit annoying so we turned the 3-D off and put it to 2-D mode. This was much better and my eyes didn’t feel as sore.  The other bit I didn’t like was when my dad started beating me on some of the levels and I was dying more in the game.

What are your final thoughts on the game?

I enjoyed playing the game with my dad because it was fun for a while and I would recommend it to anyone who likes stuff to do with Marvel comics.  The masks were funny to see on other people but not the best thing for 3-D, the game would have been just as good if it was sold as a 2-D game.  There should be characters that are girls because I enjoyed it and I’m a girl. I would have liked it better if there were girl characters in it because more girls might want to play it then.







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