It’s Good To Be Bad

Is there a halo hanging above your head? Or is that a set of horns I see sprouting on your hairline? Making choices has always been difficult, we make them every day. “Should I take the bus or walk?” “Is it worth the extra 79p for a larger meal?” “Should I rent the game or just buy it?” Endless questions with so many answers. But if you were asked to become a saviour of light or a terrifying tyrant, which would you become? Most of us would perhaps choose to be good because after all, we were all brought up to be good, honest and truthful. Well… some of us were. But being good can be so hard to maintain. Isn’t it much easier to be cruel and wicked?

Are you sure you want to charge me for that Happy Meal?

If we are good, people love us. If we become evil, those people fear us. Many do find it difficult to choose the right path. Now I try to be a good person in the real world and I can’t help but be the same when gaming. If someone asks me for help, then I will do so with a kind smile and a spring in my step. I could not tell them to push off or ignore them. It’s just not in my nature. Unless I’m playing World of Warcraft and someone starts pestering me for some spare gold just because I’m a couple of levels higher than they are, that really does grind my gaming gears. I’m not made of pixel money! Go and do some quests like the rest of us. So my characters are always little goody-two-shoes and I guess they will always remain that way.

Gee, let me think… no…

There are gamers out there who do choose the “dark side” and it’s probably due to the cookies. Sure they look cool with their big giant horns and their hellfire red eyes, but no one will truly respect and love them. No, they shall cower in fear and loathing, perhaps even lead a revolution against you and your demonic reign of terror! So choose carefully dear gamers. Will that be applause outside your door? Or will it be the villagers with pitchforks and axes? If it is, you can always bring down fire and brimstone on them. Keeps those pesky door-to-door salesmen away!






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