A Mayors Guide to Video Game Winter

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Well hello there! It’s me again, the Mayor of ‘Isle Delphino’, I hope you are all well!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m that rather striking and handsome thing in Super Mario Sunshine with the cuddly exterior and vegetable like appearance. As I have only really been a sideline character for many years, I thought it was about time to branch out and write tour guides about fantastic holiday destinations and activities for people who need to get out more and experience the so called ‘out doors’. At this time of the year it can get rather cold outside and can leave people somewhat miserable through the winter months, so I have put together this new guide of fun things to see and do during video game winter.


My beautiful home on ‘Isle Delphino’ is always the  perfect place if you are someone who does not enjoy the winter periods. It remains hot all year round mainly due to the blistering heat coming from the island’s huge volcano. But for those of you who do love the freezing cold temperatures and the snowy conditions that winter brings, I have compiled a list of destinations to satisfy even the most temperamental holiday maker.

Our first stop is at the newly completed Ice World in the well known Mushroom Kingdom which is featured in New Super Mario Bros Wii. This land caters for the adventurers and non-adventurers alike! Newly established sports venues have appeared all over because of the world renowned Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics and this has inspired various new sports to take shape. One of which seems to involve sliding down hills and speeding over gaps in a penguin suit. I find this rather remarkable and I may have to try this sport when a penguin suit big enough for my, ahem,  over athletic figure can be found.

Even those littel mushroom fellows have Penguin suits that fits. There is hope for me yet!
Even those little mushroom fellows have Penguin suits that fit. There is hope for me yet!

This magnificent place is also home to the newly discovered Ice Flower. This rare flower is now becoming a fond favourite of her royal highness, Princess Peach, yet it has the opposite effect in the underground scene, as the local Dry Bones have had many an accident due to the Ice Flower’s immense power. So for any Dry Bones who might be reading this, I recommend that you do not acquire these flowers as you may fall apart when coming into close contact with the plant.

Now, still staying with the adventurous amongst you, over the decade there has been an influx of realistic shooting simulators which are far more realistic then the paint ball games I’ve encountered! After doing some research I have found a new, highly rated experience, by a man who goes by the unusual name of ‘Soap’.

It does seem a tad scary - well for this old duffer anyway.
It does seem a tad scary – well for this old duffer anyway.

Captain ‘Soap’ MacTavish from the game, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has started his own holiday business called  ‘Hurty Weekends’.  These ‘Hurty Weekends’ seem to be full of many exciting activities, from driving 4 x 4 vehicles and Snowmobiles, to shooting various moving targets and ice climbing. This is not for the faint hearted and frankly I wouldn’t be able to cope with the extreme conditions. Also with my eye sight, I would probably attempt to jump a ledge and miss it by a mile. I couldn’t bear to think what might happen. The more I write about this, the more I am shaken by the prospect of an icy and painfully slow demise, so let’s move on.

Next we have a secluded treat! This fantastic place is a much more tranquil location where ice crystals twinkle all around and the picturesque surroundings are very much forgotten due to the larger, more imposing and frankly badly built 3D structures developed in today’s industries. Ice Mountain from Sonic Advance is a hidden gem, a chaos gem if I might say so myself. This land has remained untouched since the start of the decade, and has kept its beauty because of this.


Last but not least, a favourite amongst holiday makers of all ages. Often mistaken for a run down estate in Liverpool, the icy caverns from Ghouls and Ghosts, give you the best of both worlds. On the one hand you have archeology at its finest. If you persevere,  piles of bones can actually be found anywhere, and maybe even ancient artifacts like suits of amour and weaponry can be found. And on the other you could participate in one of the the village’s splendid murder mystery nights and see how your treasures and finds from the day may have come to be.

super-ghouls-n-ghosts. ice

As always I am still looking for those swimming baths which featured in my ‘Mayor’s Guide to Video Game Summer’. As that rather fetching young man with that splendid beard has been spotted once again in only his swimming trunks. But dear me, he must surely be freezing his what-not’s off! As always I will keep you up to date with any further information about the mystery swimming baths!

The elusive man is believed to be the great Sir Arthur, but you shouldn't believe everything you read in the tabloids.

I would also like to thank my contact who was able to take these photos of the more unobtainable parts of the ‘Great Demon World’. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to get back in touch with him since. So, if you are off to do some rather ghoulish archeology, please look out for anything that may appear to have a gold tooth and a Nikon Coolpix camera hanging around it.







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    Super Ghouls and Ghosts was one of my favourite games ever!! :). Always loved the BGM to that ice stage too. The swimming baths were around the corner from the ghost ship stage, kinda inbetweener there and the coral reef 😉

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