Child Labour

I’m the worst mother ever! Right now, as I am sitting here writing this, my 10 year old son is playing Fable II. This is worse than the time I let the baby play with my parents’ DVD collection, worse than the time I absent-mindedly sang Britney Spears’  ‘If  U Seek Amy’ in front of my 9 year old daughter because this was all my idea. I asked him if he wanted to play it and I feel terrible about the whole thing.  He’s not helping out slavers, he’s not killing children, he’s not even kicking chickens. He’s doing something even more morally questionable. He’s earning me gold.

Fable 2

But wait! Before you judge me, let me explain! See, I needed a new outfit, and a shiny new sword and this bird I unintentionally chatted up wanted me to get her an engagement ring! All these things cost money of course so I got myself a job at the local blacksmith’s. I have no problem with doing an honest bit of work and I was happily button bashing away until my tired, hungry younglings demanded my attention, and they can’t be ignored. You can’t pause kids or mute them, and you really can’t let them fend for themselves cause they’d just end up eating a jar of Nutella for dinner and staying up til midnight watching Spongebob and bouncing on the settee.

So let’s see… in the half an hour it’s taken my boy to earn me 8,000 odd gold or whatever, I’ve chucked dinner in the oven, bathed and put the baby to bed and even had time to sit down and write this blog. You gotta admit, that’s a pretty sweet deal. I know I’m a bad person, I do, but y’know it could be worse… I mean… it’s not like he’s earning me gamerscore!







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  1. Lordstar avatar

    Child labour laws dont cover the very grey area of gold farming on games. After all it is a game. Score one for the adults.


  2. Van-Fu avatar

    There is evidence of a virtual sweatshop in Wales.

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I’m pretty sure if he gets a 5 start rating on the blacksmith job he’ll get you an achievement. Better watch Mircosoft doesn’t catch you using your kids for gamerscore or they may stopping banning for that too. :p

  4. Duncan avatar

    “Mummy can we go to bed now?”

    “Not until you finish BulletWitch on HELL, dear. :)”

    It’s a slippery slope Laura. Very slippery.

  5. Van-Fu avatar

    What is even worse about that proposition is that that is the achievement for 1GS. A single, solitary gamerscore point.

  6. Markatanskatansky avatar

    If you wanted gold so badly why did you just time glitch like everyone else? By that I mean, keep the game on, and then run at 88 miles per hour into the future and get som srs gold from your endeavour. I think that’s how it works anyway. 😀

  7. Markatansky avatar

    Grammar fail! I mean why didn’t* you… honests!

  8. Laura avatar

    Mark, I don’t use glitches. That would make me glitching scum 😉

  9. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Gltiching scum? I’ve been summoned.

    Gasp. Laura……this is reprehensible. Almost like the time I went to a forum meet in London whilst my girlfriend earned me achievements on Viva Pinata in November 2009.

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