Halo Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide

‘I can still remember the first time I really experienced Halo… it was stepping out of the crashed escape pod and into a world that would consume my professional and creative life for the next seven years. In the following pages, you’ll find a great deal of depth and drama and data – some familiar, some new. It’s fiction, of course, but we only ever want it to feel real. Because it’s real to us. These are places and times that we want to share with you.’ Frank O’ Connor – foreword

There’s something about Halo. Love it or hate it there’s one thing you can’t deny, it’s HUGE. Everything about it is over the top and hyped up to the max. Whether or not it’s deserved is irrelevant, there’s nothing you can do about it. Halo is in your face, it’s on your TV, at least one of your most regularly visited websites and in the last games magazine you read. If you are an Xbox 360 owner, it’s on your dashboard and more than likely being played by someone on your friends list. In the gaming world, Halo is everywhere. Haters should look away now, you have been warned.

There aren’t many games that can boast enough content to fill an entire encyclopaedia. And of those games there are few that have the fan base for it to be profitable enough to create such a pricey book. The Halo Encyclopedia retails at £29.99 so it’s not just gonna be picked up by anyone who fancies a quick flick through. It goes without saying that it’s made purely for the fans. And it’s not going to disappoint, it delivers over 350 pages of information and facts alongside stunning artwork and is interspersed with memorable quotes from the games and novels.

The book’s 11 chapters cover Humans, Spartans, The Covenant, The Flood, The Forerunners, The Human-Covenant War, Science and Technology, Transport, Locations, Weapons and a detailed timeline of events from the rise of the Forerunners right up until Halo’s present day. With details on each species, character, armour variations, UNSC military protocol and so much more. It’s an impressive collection of details and images, a true Halo overload, a clean efficient headshot of everything anyone ever wanted to know about the universe that so many of us gamers have enjoyed spending time in.


The Halo Encyclopedia is a beautiful book that will sit proudly on the shelf of any fan from the die-hard to the casual. And with Xmas coming up it would make an ideal present for the Halo lover in your life. A true pleasure to read, fascinating and at times engrossing. It scores a Perfection medal from me.

“Do you have a plan?” “Yes, when we get there, I’m going to kill every single Covenant soldier I can find.” – Cortana and Master Chief”







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