The Gaming Couple

Since I met my boyfriend four years ago we have acquired two Xbox 360s, one Wii, two DSs, a new computer and a truckload of games. We have spent countless hours on co-op and bought hundreds of games magazines. He loves gaming more than I do and that’s saying something. As I sit here watching him play Tom Clancy’s Hawx I have decided to weigh up the pros and cons of being part of a gaming couple.

Our controllers worked hand in hand to kill many a locust troop
Our controllers worked hand in hand to kill many a locust troop

The Advantages

Guilt free spending!
Last year we experienced the Ring of Death for the first time. It was a sad occasion, as we were left Xbox-less for two months. It was irreparable (stupid towel method doesn’t work and makes it worse) and we had to buy a new one. But we had to choose. Gas bill or Xbox? Hmmm. It would be hard to convince a non-gamer what the obvious decision was… I mean, who needs hot water and heating?

Easy presents
I was very pleased when I opened my Christmas present and found that it was Gears of War 2. Personally I find it much better when my boyfriend buys me a game or console related device as a present than say, flowers. It is also much easier for me to shop for him, knowing there’s a game that he wants, a messenger pad for his controller as a stocking filler, or in this year’s instance, possibly a Playstation 3. We can both enjoy them, so it’s an all round winner.

Co-op and versus
Back to Gears of War 2. I want to complete it on Insane, but in single player, Dom is almost suicidal for the most part, and I don’t really feel like going online. And I don’t need to. I have a gaming companion right here and it’s all good. Except for when I get him killed. Which isn’t as often as he says it is. We’ve  played titles such as Resident Evil 5, Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Kane and Lynch (urrgh), and Halo 3 in co-op, and it’s better playing these together than me playing them on my own and him moaning because I’ve had the Xbox on all day.

He knows what I am talking about
We both do it. He’s sitting there with X360 World and I am sitting there with Gamesmaster, but we’re not sitting there in silence. No, he finds some interesting news in there about Project Natal and tells me all about it, and I find a game that looks cool and I am telling him that I must have it, and then I outline all the reasons why I must have it. While he listens, it’s not just a vacant ‘smile and nod and maybe she’ll think I’m listening’, he’s genuinely listening (unless I’m babbling on about an RPG), and he might want it too.


There’s only one TV
I suppose this isn’t really a disadvantage of a gaming couple, just my personal situation at the moment. It’s six o clock in the evening and we have both been at work all day. He could just relax with a good old game of Fifa, and I want to play Lost Odyssey because there’s a boss I’m stuck on and it’s been bugging me all day. Disagreements ensue. We try to sort it out with a sort of time allotment. Two hours each. But anyone who has played Lost Odyssey knows that two hours isn’t a scratch on that game, but it will have to do. We are currently saving for an HDTV, but I’ll bet that the argument to replace the current one is who will get to play their games on it.

Two screens are better than one. Unless you have a small television
Two screens are better than one, unless you have a small television

As I could only think of one selfish disadvantage I can definitely say that the pros outweigh the cons here. I couldn’t ask for a better gaming companion. I only wish that Bioshock 2 were out in time for my birthday, that way I could ask for it as a gift and therefore play it first.







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  1. Van-Fu avatar

    May Santa bring you a second TV. But that brings its own problems. The notion of having to buy two copies of the same game to enjoy system linked games. To paraphrase Biggie, “Mo’ TVs, mo’ problems”.

    For the record, I wish I had your predicament.

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I have to contend with the life of a single gamer, which is great for getting as much tv/gaming time as I can. Arguements are few, there are the times when I die that I shout at myself for being stupid or impatient. 😀

  3. Ramsden avatar

    Like Rook, I’m single. Mostly wind up talking to myself. I’m kind of jealous, because I would like nothing better than to be with someone who is similarly into gaming as much as I am. But it’s kind of catch 22. I spend all my time gaming, so I can’t meet anyone.

  4. Knikitta avatar

    I love that we are a gaming couple, I just wish I didn’t spend most of my xBox life staring at the sky or the ground… stupid sticks!

  5. MarkuzR avatar

    I’m the luckiest guy alive, seriously. Lorna is, as you know, an avid gamer and I am (as some of you know) an avid spender of money I don’t have. How many gaming guys are lucky enough to have a girl that would let them buy a 9ft Brotherhood of Steel statue, a 1080p projector to run the 360 through, and god knows how many other electronic game related trinkets all in the space of a few months and NOT stand with arms crossed and foot tapping giving them “that look”?

    Another of being a gaming couple is that we get to do a lot of things together without necessarily being under each other’s feet, including hours of co-op action (ooer missus) and if I’m feeling particularly creative on weekend and decide to record some music or blast out some vocals at inordinate levels, I simply have to ask her to turn her 360 up enough so I don’t feel self conscious singing where people can hear me.

    The downside of being in a gaming couple? Too much escapism. Eventually you have to shut down the 360s and that’s when you remember everything needs to be paid for. Oops.

  6. Van-Fu avatar

    I think that I should revise my earlier pun. It should read Mo’ consoles, Mo’ problems. After the post from MarkuzR.

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