NBA 2K10

Going into this review I was a little concerned; ‘sports’ is not something listed as an interest in my Facebook profile, if you know what I mean. That said I have been know to get carried away in the drama and excitement of some American sports, namely Hockey and Basketball. Sports games either need to let me kick a ball so hard it catches fire or offer hyped up fast game-play that I can easily get stuck into. Luckily NBA 2K10 is a game that offers the latter, alas though no balls of fire.

The problem with talking about a title like this is that essentially it’s a game of basketball, you know how that goes right? Pass, run, pass, jump, shoot, score… do a dance. So what makes one game better than any other? I’ll go out on a rather sturdy limb and say that I think games should be fun and that the most fun one is the best. Well, I had a lot of fun playing NBA 2k10, the presentation is very slick and does a good job of getting you ready to play. I found myself watching the pre and mid-match cut-scenes where normally I would have skipped them. I guess it’s all about the drama.

The gameplay itself is easy enough to get into. Due to my chronic lack of sporting skill I chose to play as one of the better teams and got on fairly well. I’m not entirely sure I understand the rules as I seemed to break them fairly often. I’m sure I’ll never know if this was the game being picky or me being uninformed. Graphically the game looks great. It’s a shame that this is now expected of sports games of this generation and rarely get the credit due. The players animations are nice and smooth and the models look quite realistic. When I took a break from playing, a friend jumped on and played a game, ruining my stats I might add! From a spectator’s standpoint I was surprised at how realistic the overall game is. At a glance you’d be forgiven to mistaking it for a live game.

That said these visuals may have come at a price, the frame rate does seem to suffer once you get players bunching up around the basket. It’s jarring but doesn’t effect play too badly. There is also a deep ‘My Player’ game mode where you can create, train and play as a custom built player, while real hoop-heads maybe well get a kick out of this I found the training and gradings quite confusing and soon gave up and went back to playing as the Boston Celtics.







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