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In the days before Ready Up, I was primarily a single player kind of guy. In fact, I wouldn’t say I’ve completely outgrown those ways yet. However, Ready Up’s community (which you really should get involved in if you haven’t already!) showed me that there was a worthwhile reason to use my Xbox Live Gold membership. No more puissant rage-quitters, homophobic 12 year olds, or wikipedia-wannabies trying to prove that I deserve to curl up and die as a fact. Just good ol’ fashion enjoyable multiplayer gaming! Problem is, I brought with me to this new world a terrible old habit from my now extinct solo player existence.

Music. From the Wastelands of Fallout to the dust ridden Mars of Red Faction, I had my own playlist for every campaign I embarked on. Now I have my tunes pumping away while I’m online with The RU Crew and we’re fragging each other like crazy. Sometimes to get the adrenaline going, others to add atmosphere, and on the odd occasion – just because it fits the game so damn well. So rather than suffer in silence, I wanted to rid myself of this burden of secretive music lust, by sharing my personal favourite soundtracks of my Live experience:

Soap doesn't take requests
Soap doesn't take requests.

Call of Duty 4: All time favourite Live game (I racked up well over 20 days online), so how could I not start with this one? Though surprisingly, it’s one of the easiest track choices I had to come up with. This song really hypes me up! On top of that, it seems to most likely continue it’s rein into Modern Warfare 2: Powerman 5000 – Drop The Bombshell. Don’t agree with me? Play that track in the background while watching this video. I accept your disagreement retraction.

Like this... but with more Pearl Jam.
Like this… but with more Pearl Jam.

Left 4 Dead: This was a much harder decision. I was always going to say a Slipknot track of some kind, eventually had to go with Slipknot – My Plague. Really gets me ready to eat some succulent tasty humans! The fact that it’s actually a soundtrack for a film based on another video game, coupled with the title, adds some extra serendipity to the mix.

Grand Theft Auto IV: Another difficult call, as for me it all depends on the mode of the moment. However, as the majority of GTA nights I’ve participated in have been all about Cops ‘n’ Crooks, I have no choice to to announce my slight love for country music with: Brad Paisley – Mr. Policeman. Totally one hundred percent fitting, aptly titled, and no other song can make me tap that A button faster while high-tailing it away from Tony!

Guitar Hero/Rock Band: Pearl Jam. Every Pearl Jam song ever released. Even if I’m not playing a Pearl Jam song in the game, have some Pearl Jam on in the background. (P.s. Harmonix, how about some more Pearl Jam DLC sometime soon?… please?)

Burnout Paradise: I remember earlier in the year when I wiggled my way into the RU World Record attempt for over four hours, that this was my most frequently played track (according to my iTunes it was over 35 times), so I couldn’t with all good conscious award this one to anything other than: AC/DC – Highway to Hell. Yes, I know it’s a clichéd, predictable choice! With the 35 plays, over 7,000,000 worldwide sales, and the fact you’re already singing it to yourself; how could I not?

Command & Conquer: Nothing. The soundtrack is absolutely perfect the way it is. Not that I’m biased in any way towards the franchise.

There you have it, now if you ever encounter me online during one of those games, you’ll know. I’d better leave that list there though, otherwise I could be at this all day (and there’s too large a backlog of games on my desk I haven’t had a chance to play for me to risk that). I certainly feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I apologise if any of the aforementioned tracks are automatically played inside your head next time you boot up a game. Unless of course it’s a Pearl Jam track… as everyone should sing Pearl Jam in their head.







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  1. Kat avatar

    I can’t listen to music plus hear the game AND hear Ready Uppers too, my ears won’t allow it. For L4D playlist though go and find Walk Like A Zombie by HorrorPops. It’s ubercute <3

  2. Jonny avatar

    I had no idea that you were a country music fan, I am shocked. But you have a point about music. I think that is one of the best features of the XBOX 360, is that you can plugin your ipod/hard drive and blast out the tunes.

    The only problem is sometimes you miss the dialog/sounds of zombies. Well worth it.

  3. Lorna avatar

    Now we have finally got a music player int he lounge, I will be able to soundtrack my gaming a little more….Rammstein for night time Burnout methinks!

  4. Dreads avatar

    Music music music, what can I say? I love music, however only in certain games because I like to be able to hear enemies lurking round the corners. But when I crack out a RTS or similar I love the sound tracks. Pc gaming Rocks my world x x x

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