EyePet (Juniors)

EyePet is the ultimate pet for modern living. Forget the hamsters and guinea pigs and get the perfect first pet for kids and adults alike. EyePet is the responsive virtual pet who reacts to your every move and brings entertainment and fun for the whole family; plus it’s pretty cute as well.

Name: Max

Age: 7

Did you enjoy EyePet?

Max: Sure did!

Did you dislike anything about the game?

Max: Nope

Who is your favourite character?

Max: My EyePet called Sparky, I also liked the Professor that teaches you how to take care of your EyePet.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Max: Some of the challenges were a bit hard but I could do most of them.

What was the best bit about the game?

Max: Dressing up your EyePet, I dressed Sparky as an astronaut. When he copied my drawings that was great.

How much fun was the game?

Max: Really Fun!

Parents Comment: Once we had the lighting setup right and had cleared a space on the floor the game was excellent fun for Max, I had to help him along at the start but after a time he was getting along well on his own. There is tons to do in the game and some of the tricks it has in store are quite excellent.







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  1. Duncan avatar

    I really want this game… I feel like such a kid. 😀

    (a kid with allergies)

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