Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising Giveaway

Our raft of great competitions celebrating the launch of our new website continues with our friends at Codemasters offering up these awesome Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising bundles. You can win a copy of the game on Xbox 360 along with a t-shirt and keyfob. We have three sets of these to giveaway to three lucky readers!

Complete with 4-player online co-op play throughout the campaign and individual multiplayer Fire Team Engagements, Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising delivers the lethality, tension and adrenaline of real war like never before. This is modern combat in stunning detail. The game authentically recreates conflict in a 360-degree theatre of war, which enables players to approach objectives from any direction. On this realistic battlefield, where one bullet can kill, players face the fear and mortality felt by soldiers as they are challenged to survive the rapidly evolving situations of battle throughout the game’s single player campaign.

Whether assaulting, flanking or suppressing the enemy, or calling on fire support to rain down from the skies, the game demands players think on their feet, reacting quickly to any situation the game’s advanced AI throws at them. In this theatre, every decision counts, every action has a consequence and every bullet can kill.

For a chance to win simply answer this question:

What was the original game in the Operation Flashpoint series called?

1. Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

2. Operation Flashpoint: Combat Operations

3. Operation Flashpoint: Armed Assault

Send your answer to this email address to be entered into the draw. Entries must be received by Friday 16th October and you must be a UK resident aged 18 or over to enter. Good luck!









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    In a last minute attempt to help the above commenters. You need to send an e-mail to this address to enter the competition:

    [email protected]

    Otherwise, you probably won’t be enterted into the draw. Good luck! 🙂

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