For Blog Sake!

All of you lucky readers will never know how lucky you are to be reading what you are reading just now.  All you have to do is log on to our wonderful site and read all of the interesting blogs that are magically written by talented wordsmiths who suffer from verbal diarrhoea.  For each blog we write, the words just spew from within and in a matter of minutes we have a finished blog ready for your perusal.  Of course, that is not how it happens at all, most times we struggle to come up with something fresh or interesting and then we have to be entirely confident in what we are writing about.  Just so you can appreciate what we go through to bring you our blogs I thought I would give you an insight in to how I went about writing my latest blog.

Blogging is easy!
Blogging is easy!

DAY 1.

My last blog went up the previous day and I have checked it frequently to see how many comments have been left and if any are deserving of replies.  I start to think about my next blog but get distracted by a need to eat some food and then I fire up my 360.  Hours later it’s late and I go to bed still thinking about my next blog.

DAY 2.

I had a great idea for a blog during the night, it was all practically written in my head.  Alas I wake up and realise that I had forgotten the whole thing, back to square one.  Out for a walk and I see an Italian restaurant called, ” Mario’s,” I wonder if it is worthy of a blog, I decide that it has no merit whatsoever.  I talk on the phone for hours and go to bed.

DAY 3.

Back to work after the weekend and for eight hours I concentrate my whole being on the importance of my job!! Aye right!  I talk with my colleagues who have no interest at all in games and try to make what I have been playing sound interesting to them.  I think that I could maybe write a blog about non-gamers, hmm, I’ll put that into mental ideas.  Go home, play game, talk on phone.

DAY 4.

Only ten days now until my next blog has to be up and I’m starting to worry a bit.  All my ideas have been shit and completely unwriteable, I think that I may have to give up playing games because I have nothing else to say about games.  I fall in to a mild depression at my total lack of ideas for a blog, I console myself with a blast on the 360.  I decide not to give up on games, I’ll just leave writing for a few days.

DAY 5 – DAY 9.

Not having to worry about writing a blog I continue with life and all the things that it entails.  I play lots of games and talk about them even more, looking forward to the latest new arrivals.  I talk lots to my non-gamer girlfriend on the phone and face to face, I have no worries in the world at all.  A story about games in the paper doesn’t grab my interest, it should have done due to its sensationalism but it washes over me.  I have completely forgotten that I have a blog due in less than a week.

This was for one idea.
This was for one idea.

DAY 10.

I receive an e-mail from management warning me that I have a blog due and there is no sign of it yet, if it’s not up in the next few days I will be beaten to within an inch of my life.  Taking the threat seriously I knuckle down and start to work seriously on my blog, I still have no idea about what to write so I think about the slightest gaming related thing that I have seen.  A restaurant called ” Mario’s,” is starting to sound like a good idea, but how can I fit it into a blog?  If there is a man working in it who wears red dungarees and a wee red bunnet then I’m in… sadly there isn’t and I have to think of another idea.

Day 11.

My blog has to be written, picture sourced and included, proof read and finished by the end of the day.  I go to work and rack my brain all day for ideas, for a change I come up with about twenty possible blogs.  Each one is a good idea and entirely brilliant in concept and execution, I know exactly what to write and what pictures I’ll use.  I will write it as soon as I get home and it will be done for the end of the night.  I get in from work and switch on the telly, oh! That programme I wanted to watch is on, I’ll watch that first and then do my blog.  Before that though I have a quick game of Need For Speed Shift and get on with it.  Late on in the evening I switch on the laptop and log in to start my blog, as I do this I decide to phone my girlfriend and we speak for a few hours.  During this time I write nothing, I come off the phone and panic, I have nothing to put up for my next blog and it’s too late to start a full blog.  Quickly I knock up an article of writing based around how difficult it is to write a Ready-Up! blog, by midnight I’m done.

DAY 12- DAY 13.

Smugness rules, I’ve written my blog and I don’t need to do another for two weeks.

DAY 14.

You have just finished reading my latest blog, well done.  I hope it has given some insight to you on how much work we all do here at Ready-Up! to keep you all interested, it’s not an easy process but we all love it so much.

Blogging is fun...honestly.
Blogging is fun… honestly.







7 responses to “For Blog Sake!”

  1. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    Good blog Martn.

    I was reading away and came across the line ‘You have just finished reading my latest blog’ and I thought I have just finished reading the blog, how did you know. It was as if you were there guiding me through.

    Who’d have thought you could write a blog about struggling to write and blog that turns into a blog that you did then write.

    I have wrote many blogs (in my head) and the words just flow. I know if I were to actually try to write one I’d probably have difficulty spelling the word ‘the’. I spelt it there because I’m not writing a blog, but if I were, I’d probably have left out a couple of letters.

    I do try to read all the blogs and leave comments now and then. I await your next masterpiece, no pressure. 🙂

  2. Ben avatar

    Nice one Martin 🙂

    I often find myself wandering around town / uni campus looking for inspiration, especially when you have an idea brewing but just need the last spark to trigger to the execution of it.

    Sometimes ideas for entries can come in the strangest of places, at the strangest of times, but I think that’s part of the parcel that makes it good fun, you never know what’ll happen next.

  3. Kat avatar

    Haha spot on! Nice one Martin

  4. Duncan avatar

    Haha! Love it Martin, fantastic. 🙂

  5. Jake avatar

    Beat you to within an inch of your life? Which member of the managment team is so generous to give you an inch?!? :p

  6. John avatar

    It’s strange the way that we can spend so much time playing games, talking about games, lamenting games shortfalls and just generally bitching, but when it comes to actually putting it down into some sort of visually consumable form we just dry up!
    I’ve found that most of my best ideas come from the mind-numbing training journeys I have to take a couple of times per week. I’m not sure if it’s games withdrawal, boredom, or the sincere desire to put my head anywhere else but in a train with a bunch of other people all trying to avoid each other.
    Still… it seems to work.

  7. Lorna avatar

    Nice article 😀

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