Tweet! You’re dead!

Silent, unseen. The crowd is my cover. In plain sight I am hidden. My actions draw no attention. I watch, I wait, until I am called upon to act. Quietly and efficiently I complete my task. There is only one that realises my true intention, but by the time they do, it is already too late.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.
Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

I happened upon The Assassin’s Creed Twitter experience a few days ago. A simple yet addictive little game played from your Twitter account. Players follow the games masters, virtual assassins bureaus, who send assassination assignments or inform you that you have been marked for death via @replies. Upon reciving an assassination tweet, you must strike, as quickly as possible with one of a few set commands such as “jab” or “slice” depending on which weapon you are using. The target needs to enter a command like “escape” or “hide”, whoever tweets first wins the round. Simple!


Levelling up through successful kills and escapes will unlock more weapons and options and if you’re feeling the need for a little instant action you can enter Aggressive mode and fight other players in real time battles where you need to be quick and stay sharp to survive.

The Assassin’s Creed Twitter experience is perfect for those with time to kill (geddit!?) There’s something very exciting about receiving a randomly timed tweet and quickly completing a successful attack upon a total stranger, then going back to whatever it was you were doing, as if it never happened, as a true assassin, a blade in the crowd. Safety and peace my friend, go with God.








2 responses to “Tweet! You’re dead!”

  1. van-fu avatar

    Just when I thought I had tweeted my Twitter obsession out of my system, I may now get the chance to finally be able to put a sneaky kill on Killerchick?


    Sign me up. It’s not going to happen in Gears Of War. Or Halo.

  2. Lorna avatar

    Interesting concept, wonder how many other companies will go down this route?

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