Status: Received

Previously on Lost my last entry I spoke of the pain I went through ordering the parts for my new PC, and alas the day has finally come when my parts make their way from the postman’s hands into my own.

I should start off by mentioning that I detest waiting for a delivery, I end up breaking down in a sweat and suffering from hot flashes akin to those induced after a seventy two hour Pot Noodle binge.

The day wears on, and despite being awake since 8am there was still no knock at the door. At approximately 11:43am my fear and panic soon start to dissolve and they find themselves replaced with joy and happiness…the parts have arrived. While the postman searches for his stylus for his impossible to sign touch screen device I do a quick head count on the boxes…my heart sinks to my stomach and I utter the dreadful words:

“There’s one missing”.

After a small argument with the now enemy in red I had finally persuaded him to go and check his van to see if there was anything else there, but there wasn’t. Suffering in defeat I sign for the packages and retreat to the inner sanctum otherwise known as my sofa. After bringing myself back together and  lowering my anger levels I began to open box after box. There was a hope, albeit a small one that the missing box was something I could do without, I had plenty of RAM laying around that would work as spare…I could use that until my ordered parts arrived…I then opened the box containing the new RAM.Some of the parts being watched over by the Nintendo gang!

After removing enough brown tape and placing aside enough cardboard boxes to make a Rainforest Alliance activist weep, I finally discovered that my missing part was my Graphics Card. A quick phone call to the firm I ordered from confirmed that my Graphics Card hadn’t left the delivery depot for some reason, but it’d be in the post first thing in the morning, apparently.

I was going to build everything, then wait for the graphics card to arrive, only to have to slot it into an almost complete system, however it sort of felt like building a set of Lego without the big flat green bit that acts as a base, or building block of life as I call it affectionately.

Fast forward to the next day and I was now stood with the last part of my PC, the final piece of the puzzle, a pre build check confirms all parts were ready and waiting, and soon it’ll be time to compose the parts together and fire up the beast for the first time. *gulp*







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  1. Lorna avatar

    Great bloggage, Ben, this is an interesting series for armchair PC-ers like me who prefer to let someone else do the work for us 😉 Now comes the tough bit though…assembly 😀 I’ll just sit back with my cuppa and watch…;p

  2. MarkuzR avatar

    Woohoo! How exciting 🙂 I hate new PCs personally, there’s that whole “installing all your software AGAIN” thing that just puts me off. All PCs should come with everything from your previous PC as standard… except the hardware and any rogue virus. Have fun and good luck!

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    What happened next, what happened next? Did it work? Did you have to open it up again? Was it all shiny with installed bells and whistles?

    I have never attempted to build a PC myself, if would all go horribly wrong.

    Hope it’s the beast of a machine you were hoping for.

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