Let’s Tap (Juniors)

Let’s tap is at first a curious game.  It comes with two cardboard boxes that you sit your Wiimotes on upside down.  You then control all that is going on in the game by tapping the boxes with your fingers.  Amazingly it all works really well and the five different game modes are a joy to play. In one mode you control a stick man making him run and jump.  Another has you removing blocks in a Jenga like fashion, you can also drum notes out to the icons on the screen and control a spaceman over an alien landscape.  This is all finished with some free style modes that are done so well with fireworks, paint, raindrops and more.

Name: Shannon

Age: 8

What did you like about the game?

Shannon: I liked that when you tapped the box all the stuff on the screen would happen when you did it.  I really liked the fireworks and raindrops.

What did you not like about the game?

Shannon: I liked everything about the game there was nothing wrong, everything was great.

Who was your favourite character?

Shannon: I liked the blue and red stick men in the race because they were cool and red always won. They were funny when they fell.

What was the best bit of the game?

Shannon: When I played the silent block moving game with my dad because I won sometimes.

What was the worst bit of the game?

Shannon: There were no bad things.

How much fun was this game?

Shannon: Extraordinarily really, really, really, really, really great fun!!

Parents Comment: This is destined to become a bit of a classic in my view and at a cheap price you should really think about picking this up.







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