A Hidden Gem in Maryland

Hey you… yes you! Are you bored with the monotony of post apocalyptic living? Tired of eeking out a life eating lizards and scouring the land for Nuka Cola? Stressed by the daily commute past ghouls and raiders? Worried by the mutated hand growing out of your crotch? Well let those worries wash away, wave goodbye to claustrophobic vaults and say hello to the swampy marshlands of Point Lookout!

Yes, Point Lookout is the premier choice for all you budding heroes in Post Apocalyptia. Hop on the luxurious Duchess Gambit now sailing from Capital Wasteland and arrive at the swamps of Point Lookout where you will find all the local character you could ever want as a budding hero of the wastes. New perks, weapons and enemies await you on the abandoned boardwalk and marshland with the mystery of the mansion sure to capture the attention of those travellers who seek mystery in their travels. How does exploring the swamps with a double barrelled shotgun sound? Fantastic I know. But don’t take my word for it, let’s look at what some other people have thought along with our fantastic video of the area:

The locals are so friendly!
The locals are so friendly!

Accommodation just like home!
Accommodation just like home!

Evil swamps are a challenge for ramblers!
Evil swamps are a challenge for ramblers!
[youtube width=”550″ height=”334″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5uSZ7REcWg[/youtube]

Relaxation is just a step away! The boat to Point Lookout arrives on June 23rd for you lucky guys and gals with an Xbox 360 and safe passage will cost you just 800 Microsoft points. So get yourself ready to explore the wastelands of Point Lookout and have fun!







4 responses to “A Hidden Gem in Maryland”

  1. Darach avatar

    Ohhh! This looks good, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have to say the previous DLC for Fallout just didn’t inspire my imagination and excitement the way this one does.
    I just love the setting and the tone they’ve gone for.

    Funny, with L4D2 going for New Orleans or N’yawlans as I think it’s called, the post-apocalyptic bayou is all the rage. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I hope this is a bit more engrossing than Brotherhood Of Steel, which I felt ran a little long in the tooth near the end.

    Point Lookout and then one other DLC after it, all at 800 points. That’s almost the cost of the full game. And I have, or will buy them all.

  3. MarkuzR avatar

    I’ve been moaning about this quite a lot recently, and probably repeated the same moan to Rook when he was here a couple of weeks ago… but I’m getting fed up paying so much so often. I LOVE that there’s new DLC, and I’m really looking forward to playing it… but come on… that will be FOUR different DLCs at 800 points each and they’re not that good in terms of longevity.

    Will still buy it, but I’ll just moan a little more when I do ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I meant my post to state that the 3 previous DLC segments plus Point Lookout plus the next DLC all at 800 points almost equate to the price of a new game.

    Seen some content that you would normally expect to be charged 800 points for actually costing 560 points. Could Microsoft be reviewing it’s pricing structure in favour of the consumer? Would be nice.

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