Swapover time in the big three?

wiilogoFor many years now the gaming industry has been all about three names, Nintendo (who believe it or not were formed in 1889 as a card game company), Sony and relative newcomer Microsoft but is it time for a shake up? With Nintendo throwing itself into completely different areas of innovative gaming and therefore taking itself out of main stream competition, it will no doubt trundle along successfully for a very long time to come.

Now, before I start the next paragraph I feel I should issue a warning that I will personally use a voodoo doll on anybody that comments on this blog stating “PS3 rocks, Microsoft sucks” or ” that’s crap, Microsoft rule” or that type of thing. I think we’ve all seen enough comments of that nature in forums pretty much everywhere!

360logoSo, Microsoft (who even I doubted until I owned an Xbox 360) somehow managed to successfully make the break from PCs to consoles with a short-lived but fantastic piece of gaming hardware. The main surprise I find is that despite numerous console breakages people are simply resigned to it and just go and get it fixed or buy another! They may whinge but they’ll be back on that console within a couple of weeks so Microsoft have got to be doing something very, very right.

But Sony… well there’s a story at the moment. Just a couple of weeks ago Sony’s European president stated that he believes that the PS3 will be the forerunner in the console market in 3-5 years. 3-5 years?! After Microsoft having such a head start on release dates for the consoles surely they will have a new console lingering by then so any grain of competition will just push them to release the next next gen! The big blow for Sony is that not only do they admit they are a long way off target but it has now been announced that Sony have made their first loss in 14 years! Surely this set of blows are enough to set alarm bells ringing and possibly be the beginning of the end for Sony, at least in the games industry.

Is it time for a shake up?

Is it time for a shake up?

So who can come back as competition again if Sony were to disappear? In my opinion there’s one player that’s been missing for far too long and as I’m sure many people who grew up in the eighties will agree. The answer – bring back Sega! Many youngsters playing games today are probably only mildly aware of the vicious competition between Nintendo and Sega but after a couple of underrated consoles they vanished into the void to appear only in sporadic software titles. So come on Sega, become one of the big boys again! We need some fresh gaming inspiration and if someone’s got to keep the competition going and stop Microsoft from ruling us all we need something new and shiny to make us look away!

Give us another Sega sensation!

Give us another Sega sensation!







8 responses to “Swapover time in the big three?”

  1. Ben avatar

    Sega would have to be with a partnership of some sort I think, someone like panasonic or samsung etc

    Apple on the other hand is a different story, and it’ll only be a matter of time before we see an Apple dedicated gaming device of some sort.

    Probably one of the few companies that not only have the financial status to give it a go, but also have the basic infrastructure set up for it too.

    The next load of consoles will all just be along lines of a Xbox 720’s, better graphics and processor power but with a Wii bolted onto the side.

  2. MrCuddleswick avatar

    I don’t know if Sony will take the risk and release a console next generation. Maybe they’ll wait until way after the next xbox and come in with something utterly staggering. But probably they won’t.

    Sega couldn’t afford to enter the market on their own.

    With all those media PCs underneath people’s televisions, maybe we’ll see the PC become the leader of the console market?

  3. waxc3 avatar

    sony lost over a billion dollars this year… BILLION… lost.
    yea they arent going to be winning anything soon.

    yea sega will not ever make another console. they also dont have the management to pull it off.

    isnt sony going to stay with the ps3 for like 5 more years anyway?
    i bought one but it is primarily a dvd player in my house. there isnt ever one darn game i want…
    poor chaps.

  4. Tony avatar

    Sony aren’t going anywhere soon. That loss mentioned is for the entire of the Sony corporation, and they make a LOT of stuff. They may have lost a billion dollars last year – which sounds bad. But the same article states that they made 3.7 billion dollars the year before – in just one year!

    As for console sales, if you line up the 360s chart and the PS3s chart, as if they had both come out on the same day, then the PS3 is pretty much even. And the PS3 had competition from day one against the (cheaper) 360.

    As for waxc3’s comment about the PS3 not having any games, I’m fed up with hearing this. 90% of the good games out there are multiplatform, so to say there are no decent games is simply not true.

    I’d be surprised to see another big name step into an already crowded marketplace, but I’d certainly be interested if they did.

  5. Del Torro El Sorrow avatar
    Del Torro El Sorrow

    Yeah baby!

    I’m gonna hope and pray until the E3 is over!

  6. waxc3 avatar

    i said there are no games i want. i know they have quality games.
    when it is multiplatform i always consider my gamerscore and buy the 360 one though.
    the big exclusives they have just didnt interest me most of the time (i only own 3 ps3 games still).

    yea sonys top people are stubborn and wont quit on us. but i think 10 years from now they will not be backing a home console by themselves.

  7. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I agree with Ben about Apple. U think they are the only company who could attempt to bring out a console.

    And with the ability to download updates to the consoles, maybe that’ll be the next step in consoles. Maybe a customised console for your gaming needs, downloading certain updates for desired gaming, socialising, creating, blogging, etc.

  8. Casey avatar

    hello there does any one have any idea when the new xbox 720 games are supposed to be released? thanks!

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