The hour is upon us…

It’s the start of the last hour. By the end of this 60 minutes Rook’s Guitar Faceplate could increase in value as the six team members boost their way into the Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition.

The last 23 hours have all been about this. The final hour.

Will the brave, but tired, band of gamers make it to the end of the challenge? There’s no question that they will. How they emerge from the other side, however, is a different matter.

Fran has almost completely forgotten how to walk because she’s spent so long lying in the uber-comfy beanbag. Kirsten has got a third/fourth/fifth (I’ve lost count) wind and is coasting along to the end of the challenge and the other team members seem to have perked up as well. Apart from Martin who is, seriously, as perky as he was at the start of this crazy marathon.

So, 60 minutes remaining before “Team Ready Up” becomes “Team Ready Up with a World Record” which, for the RPG players amongst you, increases Bragging by +2. As the end comes ever closer it’s good to see that the guys who were here at the start of the challenge have come back for the last leg – so welcome back to Rook and Tiq – your support is massively appreciated.







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    Ganbatte–go for it. The finish line is in sight!

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