A Different Flavour of Fun

I’m guilty more than most of sticking to what I know when it comes to gaming. I love my FPSs, I love my stealth games and I love my driving simulators. I think it is fair to say that almost every gamer I know have their favourite game types and franchises. It certainly seems to take a great deal of pressure to move me towards trying a game outside of my usual comfort zone.

Skate 2

Enter Skate 2: no guns, no sneakiness and certainly no gear stick. Dan has been a huge fan of skating games for as long as I’ve known him yet I’ve never really given them a chance… until now. Sharing an Xbox 360 with half a dozen colleagues at work mean my gaming lunchtimes are occasionally spent experiencing other people’s proclivities.

This has been an extremely rewarding experience.

I enjoy GTA IV because it offers elements of driving as well as choices of how to tackle missions (of which I tend to lean towards stealth). The Skate 2 demo played by my colleagues provided the same kind of mission type variety that I enjoy in the GTA series. It also provides the kind of intuitive control mechanism that few games manage to elicit. Combine that with the copies of the game purchased by at least four colleagues and I was practically forced to buy the full game.

So now I’ve experienced the entertainment a new game type provides and the online videos that can be edited and uploaded directly from the game make hilarious footage – here’s my best effort.

So now I’m looking into what other gems I’ve missed in this particular game type to see what might be worth a look. So far I’ve heard the Tony Hawk series is worth investigating.

My advice is to go out on a limb and try a new game type outside of your usual comfort zone – at the very least pick a completely random demo and give it a go. You might well be pleasantly surprised.







8 responses to “A Different Flavour of Fun”

  1. Jay avatar

    I think you may be disppointed. The Tony Hawk games are now pretty much redundant, having been outdone in every aspect by Skate.

  2. Kat avatar

    Nice one 🙂

    I thought I was the only one on my friends list attempting Skate 2 😀

  3. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I played the Tony Hawk games as they came out and got accustomed to the controls. A few other skateboarding games have used the same control layout, but Skate did it differently. Maybe it’s because I have used the same controls for years that I found it hard to adjust.

    If you are going to give the Tony Hawk games a try, I’d be interested to know if you can control both seeing as you have only gotten into this genre, and not had one style burned into your brain.

  4. Celeste avatar

    I want to know whether you were aiming for that guy in the video. Looked pretty spot on to me!

  5. Anthony avatar

    Celeste, I was absolutely aiming for that guy in the video – he deserved it.

    Kat, if you need any help getting all the Hall of Meat challenges, give me a shout – I know the best way to break your crotch :).

    Jay and The Rook, I’ll let you know how I get on – I’ve got a back log of games to finish (some to open) but I’ll get there eventually.

  6. Jake avatar

    I broke my crotch on a fence I seem to remember. The hall of meat challenges are awesome and so much more fun than the proper skating.

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