When Game Titles Attack! – Part Two

Previously on When Game Titles Attack!…

So, I’m stood at the ‘Battlezone’, being watched by the ‘Alien 8’, the only car I can see is a bright pink ‘Fiat Panda’. ‘God of War’ HELP ME! I can’t let this be my ‘Day of Defeat’ because of a ‘Fiat Panda’.

Yes, it’s no ‘IndyCar’ and it will be ‘Pure’ ‘Hard Drivin’ and I better ‘Pac-Pix’ of The Rock and my ‘Family. Dog’ will really miss me too. He hated the ‘Paperboy’ and those pesky ‘Catz’.

“Hurry up you stupid ‘Ork’” said the alien driver. “And if you don’t ‘ลŒkami’ down, it will be a ‘Midnight Run’ and the ‘NiGHTS’ are like an ‘Endless Ocean’

Well I guess if I win, it would be a good ‘Fable 2’ tell ‘My Sims’, if of course there are no ‘Future Wars’ because of the ‘Resident Evil’ and their ‘Saucer Attack’.

“The ‘Rockman’ photo is also not allowed.” said the alien taxi fiend.

The ‘Rock… Band’ from my car? They can’t do that! What about my baguette? ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’? Is ‘Rock N’ Roll Racing’ to much to ask? I started to go ‘Berzerk’.

“Enough!” said the monstrous cabby. “The Rock will ‘Burn. Out’ of nowhere the ‘Rock Star Ate My Hamster’ after I won the ‘2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge’ so he will be placed in the ‘Obliterator’ at the ‘Killzone’ after your ‘Pitfall!’ defeat. First car to the reach the Tesco Express wins!” He gets back into the taxi and looks at the Fiat. “‘NASCAR’ by the way, ha ha!”

If I lose, it will be an ‘Abomination’, I don’t want to ‘Di. no Crisis’ has ever been this big. This is ‘Ultimate. TK’ Maxx checkout slavery might be the afterlife! NOO!

I hot wired the ‘Fiat’, and then watched as my high ‘Rez’ photo of ‘The rock’ become one with the ‘Fire. Pro Wrestling’ was his true talent. Now I’m ‘Hoppin’ Mad’. I can get very ‘RC. Revenge’ is also my speciality.

This is ‘War, Rock’

As well as hot wiring the ‘Fiat’, I ‘Mashed’ together an ‘After Burner’, a big ‘Gun’ so I can ‘Return Fire’ with ‘Point Blank’ shots to cause some serious ‘Bangai-O’. A ‘Harpoon’, ‘7 Blades’, I fixed the seat as there was ‘Twisted Metal’ sticking out, and it was ‘Sprung’ badly. ‘The Club’ in the car boot will be handy as a ‘Warhammer’ to ‘Just Cause’ ‘Max Payne’ to the Alien scum…

On your marks, ‘Jet set. Radio’ swiftly switched on, Go!

The taxi sped away leaving me in the ‘DIRT’. I had better ‘Kick Off’ with some ‘Advance Rally’ and put in some ‘Action. Girlz Racing’ can always be unpredictable.

I finally get behind the taxi. ‘Overlord’ Lane, around the ‘Pool of Radiance’ nearly missing ‘Baldur’s Gate’ and then past the ‘Little House in the Plateau’ causing ‘Urban Chaos’ all around ‘The House of the Dead’ and ‘Luigi’s Mansion’. The cheeky alien sh*t then starts his ‘Assault’ on me with a ‘Magic Sword’. After swerving out of the way of his ‘Blades of Steel’ ‘Road Rage’ and a road covered in ‘Lemmings’. I start to think, that this is some very ‘Wacky Races’, and all to the sound of ‘Girls Aloud’s, ‘Something Kinda Ooh’.

Lets try some of my ‘Auto Assault’. I gotta try and ‘wipEout’ his tires. If ‘ICO’ordinate the attack right, I might cause a ‘Fear Effect’. But on the ‘Contra’ry, I may just ‘Spyro’ out of control and ‘Crash Boom Bang’ into ‘The Dig’ that ‘Dig Dug’ dug.

Will Fran manage to ‘Balloon Fight’ with the tires and send the ‘Alien Strom’ back to their ‘Home World’ before they get to the ‘Tesco Express’ ‘Alundra’ one minute?

Stay tuned for the last thrilling part of ‘When Game Titles Attack!’







8 responses to “When Game Titles Attack! – Part Two”

  1. Barry avatar

    You make this look easy Fran!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Snozzeltoff avatar

    ^ This is Ultra Fran remember!

    Hat’s off to thee once more ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Barry avatar

    Very true, I must build a statue made of Gold, Lasers and JaffaCakes out of honour for UltraFran!

  4. van-fu avatar

    You know what’s really bizarre? Fran’s stream of gaming consciousness, has made me travel down memory lane. Apart from the Playstation games, I have played them all. Can I request a few Master System games? If you can work in Zaxxon 3D and Kung Fu Kid, you will be a superstar.

  5. Michael avatar

    I don’t want to think about how long that took you to write or that you have a picture that seems to be you miming being trapped in an invisible box/pink Fiat… oh wait, I just have done. Damn!

  6. MrCuddleswick avatar

    Hee! That was rather good

  7. Jake avatar

    We. Are. Not. Worthy. Nice one Fran (as expected :p)

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