Sonic And The Black Knight (Juniors)

In the Wii exclusive “Sonic and The Black Knight” everyone’s favourite blue hedgehog is given the chance to become a knight. In an Arthurian world Sonic must battle to save the land from medieval versions of familiar foes. Speed and attitude have served Sonic well in his adventures up until now but hey, no one’s gonna turn down the use of something new and shiny now are they? Armed with a sword our hero is sure to slice ‘n’ dice his way to victory!

Name: Luke

Age: 12

Did you enjoy playing Sonic and the Black Knight?

Luke: It was excellent, really good I totally enjoyed it. You play as Sonic, back in the days of King Arthur. There’s plenty of creatures to fight and lots to do. Easy controls too, easy to get into. Sonic has a sword in this one which is cool!

Who was your favourite character?

Luke: Sonic of course, he’s one of my favourite game characters of all time!

What is the best bit about the game?

Luke: I enjoyed the whole thing, the story was good, the world is dark and evil looking, I liked that.

What is the worst bit about the game?

Luke: I’m not sure there was a worst bit, there’s hardly any reading so that was good, I prefer it when I don’t have to read. The sword talks to you, it’s a bit annoying sometimes I guess, so I’ll say that was the worst bit.

How much fun was this game?

Luke: It was really good fun, my friends enjoyed it too. I’ll probably play it again!

Parents Comment: Luke enjoyed this game, I’ll admit I found it not quite as terrible as Sonic and the Secret Rings but I have been spoiled by the original of course and it’s just not something I would buy for myself.







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