Hot Chocolate Sudoku

It has finally happened, it may have taken just over two years but the transition is now complete. I have become a Londoner.


6.30am I get up, I pack my suit, I don my reflectives, I power cycle to work, I shower in the gym, I put on my suit. 8.00am I sit in my open plan office and tell my colleagues how I am allowed to have canteen porridge for breakfast again because I cycled to work today. (They make me feel guilty about covering it in chocolate chips, but I ignore them) I spend all day floating from my desk to the tea point and back to my desk again. 90% of my work involves typing. 4.30pm I cycle home. 7.00pm I go to the pub and I talk to other Londoners about their cycle to work this morning, their day of exciting typing, and Boris Johnson. For all the in between bits… I play Sudoku.

I used to mentally mock the commuters I saw glued to their papers scribbling down meaningless numbers before they got to the office and spent all day typing meaningless numbers. But now I am one of the crowd. I like to think I am just a little bit better then most of them because I always play it on my DS but I have reached the stage where the last thing I do before I turn out the light at bedtime is play one more Sudoku. It has become my hot chocolate and I have become a cliche.


I need help. I am taking steps to beat the general Londoner way of life but I also need another game. Sudoku is just too London, I can’t be having it anymore! I need a game with no story, no interesting graphics and no catchy music. I must be able to pick it up, play it for 10 minutes and then put it away. In those ten minutes I want to feel engaged and satisfied, but afterwards I must feel no regret for turning it off. The hunt is on, I’m off to Oxford street to punish myself with big crowds and too much choice, and you… well your job it to help me with the power of game suggestion. Go.







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  1. Mark avatar

    Picross DS all the way. Its a little like Sudoku, but instead of a boring field of numbers, you get a puddy tat or a dog at the end!

  2. Kirsten avatar

    This blog is making me thirsty.

    Henry Hattsworth

  3. Michael avatar

    What’s your job then?

    Sudoku isn’t addictive, you’re just weak-willed! 😛

  4. arc14716 avatar

    You actually ride a bike to work?

    A good puzzle game, like that Picross DS as suggested in the first post would do it. How about Cooking Mama, since that’s close to one of your interests.

    It sounds like you work in an office. Good grief, you’ve become an office drone! What happened to the Eleanor I read about in those FDUK blogs? The one that was supposed to be some top notch researcher/science teacher who wanted to conquer the world as a Frag Doll?

    You need to get out of London for a while. Maybe travel a bit out west.

  5. Barry avatar

    Tetris, challenge yourself to a quick 200 lines in 10 minutes like I do 🙂

  6. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    How about ChuChu Rocket for the GBA slot, so you can choose between that and Sudoku.

    Giddy Up.

  7. Eleanor avatar

    I do work in an office yes, I am a project manager, of kinda sciency projects.

    Tetris is too addictive, I rule it out. I will look into Picross tho, good suggestion. I like the sound of ChuChu rocket too, but I have never used the GBA slot and it scares me!

  8. arc14716 avatar

    Agree with Tetris, although it could become addictive after a while.

    How about Space Invaders Extreme? Modern take on a classic game.

  9. Eleanor avatar

    Ohhh space invaders!

  10. arc14716 avatar

    Glad you liked it. I hope you look into it. I need to check this out for myself as well.

    Wow, an office manager and in the field of science (kind of). Hope all is well with you.

    Kind of sorry we kind of fell out of touch with each other though.

  11. Barry avatar

    Space Invaders Extreme is a catchy game but to enjoy it you will have to either:

    -play it with the volume on full
    -or play it with your headphones plugged in

    As you’ll find the game being more music based than a shoot em up.

    Picross is good, but you will have to really hard as you uncover the picture puzzles.

    If I’m honest I dont know of any games that will leave you completely satisfied after 10 minutes.

  12. Barry avatar

    That should have read
    Picross is good, but you will have to think really hard as you uncover the picture puzzles.

  13. Dave Irwin avatar
    Dave Irwin

    I agree with Space Invaders Extreme, but can’t help but wonder what will happen when you get off the train and you just need to beat that boss?

    Henry Hatsworth I’d say is an alright choice, as long as you’re not trying to beat one of the end of area bosses. They take ages to even beat!

    Tetris is alright, as long as you limit your time and Picross DS for me sounds a little too much like Sudoku.

    Oddly, I’d say the Broken Sword remake is an alright choice in general as it works the brain and you can just save at any time. Apart from that, handheld games are just too immersive to merely play on the train. Unless you count GTA: Chinatown Wars and limit yourself to one or two missions at a time…

  14. Lorna avatar

    Tough one…could settle for Zendoku on the DS 😀

  15. Uzi avatar

    Space Invaders Extreme is coming to XBLA, I believe. I’m looking forward to it. Before Space Invaders in the arcade, I only knew Night Driver. All else were various mechanical amusement machines like Pinball, SkiBall, etc.

  16. Uzi avatar

    Eleanor, have you seen “Velvet Assassin”?

    I’d give it a play, but I just can’t do 3rd-person or over-the-shoulder.

    No One Lives Forever’s 1st-person was more my style, even if it meant I was wearing lady gloves.

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