Bad Influences

I think it’s safe to say that I’m console gamer. I grew up more so around a joypad then that of the old tried and trusted mouse and keyboard combo. However my tastes lately have been like that of a pregnant lady’s odd craving. And it’s all thanks to (eugh) PC Gamers.

PC elitism can be quite wearing on the senses sometimes. Being branded a retard for your preferences is very irritating and is just plain…silly. One of those mysteries in the world I’ll never understand is the obvious and quite sad fanboyism that follows console and PCs in terms of gaming and at the same time I can’t help feel it’s an evil necessity. Consoles wars are driven by them and in some indirect way I feel that sales are pushed up because of them, helping to keep this digital media afloat.


I’d say a good majority of my colleagues in work would be PC players. Once in a while they have convinced me to try new things. For example, the MMO. Now this can be taken as either a good or a bad thing but if I’m perfectly honest, it’s been quite a good thing. I enjoyed the trial periods that some of the guys gave me for World of Warcraft and now they have me playing Darkfall (the hardest of hardcore MMOs). Being around them 40 hours a week can pique a man’s interest in the way of the graphics card. It also gives you some great suggestions for games you haven’t tried (and shock-horror, I like Steam!)

Don’t get me wrong, I still hold consoles close to my heart, (Mass Effect is being played with three separate characters at the same time) but having an open door policy to PC games at least gives me a chance to play RTS games with that little bit more control and the advantage of not having to pay 1600 points for much of the content that does tend to be released by companies for free on the PC. It does offer nice alternatives and I can see what certain individuals are brainwashed into the PC (or console) for all people method of thinking. But for the majority who care more about the games then their machinery, we can worry more about when there’s a release for a game, more so than “OMGZ one processor lol”.

The last thing I want to do is start a mass debate on PC vs Console (or maybe I do, interesting thread for our forums, no?) as each have their benefits and drawbacks which could be discussed for decades. What I can say is that I’m happy to try out many more games thanks to having a more “open gaming” mind I guess. Which can only be a good thing!








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  1. Tim avatar

    That guy in the screenshot of Darkfall looks like he’s crapped his pants.

  2. paradox avatar

    or about to and is in desperate need of a loo tim 🙂

    your story is very much like mine nick ( name btw ) im a console gamer too, but kept getting a nagging feeling of wanting something with a little more depth, something that didnt end in 4/6/8/10 hours, but something un-ending and more rewarding, so i took the step of trying out E.V.E. online for 14days.

    i didnt see the appeal of WoW and the other hardcore MMO’s and im a sci-fi geek at heart so though EVE would suit my needs, it didnt.
    i did give it a good go, using all my 14 free days even though i was afraid my poo lappy wouldnt run it, and as much as i liked it, i couldnt bring myself to part with £14 per month, and to be quite honest, it was pretty damn deep, exactly what i’d been craving, but it was just too deep, and quite complicated at times and very time consuming.

    this is where i think PC gamers and console gamers differ, traditional consolers tend to prefer pick up and play, PC gamers, especially with MMO’s, tend to require you to put in sooo much time, which they gladly do, that it decomes inpractical unless your lifestyle permits it.
    this is why im now satisfied with what i have and like, shallow generic gameplay. *sigh*

    great blog 🙂

  3. Lorna avatar

    For a long time, I mainly played PC games while my consoles, in particular, my N64 went unplayed…now it is the other way around and I play my Xbox almost exclusively which is a touch habit to break, but given the great titles languishing under a thick layer of dust on my shelf, this needs to change.

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