Passive Aggressive

In the world of the internet there is so much to fill your time with. From Chuzzle and Peggle to Twitter and Facebook. I’ve found something new to fill those procrastinating hours with though, PMOGs, or Passive Multiplayer Online Games. These have been around for a little while, but they seem to have somehow totally escaped my notice. My choice of passive gaming comes from

Seriously, you’ve no idea just how addictive this can be.

So the idea is this, surf the internet and gain levels. You are your character, there is no creation. You do missions from the website that have you surfing the internet in places you’ve never been before seeing the world wide web through someone else’s eyes.

Or you can be sneaky and lay bombs on websites just waiting for unsuspecting players to trigger them. Or just maybe you’d like to be nice, well then you could leave little gifts for people, like money or armour. Of course you could be incredibly random and place a portal and send someone off into the internet ether. I like to protect my favourite sites with the guard dogs.

Other PMOGs have different systems, but it was love at first site with I’ve installed it onto my browser on both of my computers and I even got the hubby playing it.  I must share the love and make sure no one works ever again.







5 responses to “Passive Aggressive”

  1. James avatar

    Tee Hee XD I set a mine on the main page XD
    Actually I probably SHOULD be using lenses and the like to zoom people across the web seeing my class but… XD

  2. James avatar

    Tee Hee 😀 I left a mine on the main page. Somebody tripped it almost immedietly

  3. Donna avatar

    That was me and I got my revenge.

  4. James avatar

    My St Nicking me XD I know 🙂

  5. paradox avatar

    cool, but not heard of this one, and although i would like to try it out, im currently addicted to travian, and my spare time/working hours are spoken for already.

    that said, i have next to no will power lol.

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