Standing still

I now know what most of the population over the age of about 50 feel like. The world is moving on and they are just not. Somehow they have spent years accumulating things of good quality that work well and fit into their lives perfectly only to be bombarded by ‘better’ stuff by the media. Now I guess I do have a lot of up to date things and I am a bit young to say that technology is passing me by but there are some places where I seem to have come to stand still.

My DS is one of those places. Now that the DSi is fast approaching I haven’t got a chance of ever going out in public with my DS again. I could just about hold of the odd looks on the tube when I was only one model behind the rest of the world. But now I will be two behind, and soon who knows, I will be traveling around with another stone age piece of junk like my sad excuse of a mobile phone.

May I ask why in God’s name do we need to have a camera on everything that we own? Surely there must be people out there with four or five cameras in their hand bag without even knowing it. Do people make a conscious decision whether to have a picture on their iPod, camera, work mobile, or personal mobile. Are we now going to start pulling out DSis to snap our mates with? I guess I may be over reacting since it only has a 0.3 mega pixel camera, but it will let you draw all over the resulting picture, and that will surely be fun for at least six minutes.

Oh, another camera, just what we need.

I will not be buying one. My DS (fat and old style) works amazingly, as long as I am not out in direct sunlight, and I have no urge to slim down and fit in. If anything is adding to the crisis of anorexia it’s technology and I for one won’t be part of it. I say go fat and be happy. Save your hard earned cash to buy cream buns and boycott the evil progressive technology! Who’s with me?!? Oh no-one… *cough* Errr, ok I’ll just head back under the covers to play my DS in all it’s glory whilst listening to my almost polyphonic ring-tone on my super phone.

You know you’re jealous.







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  1. arc14716 avatar

    Eleanor, I’m with you on this one. I have no desire at all to buy the Nintendo DSi when it comes out. My reason is that it will not have a GBA slot to play GBA games with. I need that in order to play my GBA games (of course), but also, to be able to download my Pokemon from the GBA games to the DS ones.

    I also have monetary reasons, of course, but for the most part, because of the lack of GBA compatibility, it doesn’t really appeal to me. Plus, who needs another digital camera?

    My original old and busted DS works just fine. I don’t need the new hotness.

    And, I’ll use my hard earned cash to buy you a six pack of cream puffs one of these days (Komoda Store style are the best in these parts).

  2. Michael avatar

    May I say, your phone is indeed a piece of junk! What’s with the chain… thing though?

    And I don’t recall you complaining about phone cameras when you wanted me to take a picture of culchie fish guy! And, anyway, as you know I only picked up a phone last… September? Yeah, only then! (It was about £25 out of Woolies! Oh yes!) So I am considerably more technophobic than YAOU!

  3. arc14716 avatar

    Speaking of junk phones, my Razr turned into a piece of junk last month after failing on me several times in a week. I finally had to upgrade my phone to an enV2 when I renewed my contract.

    However, it kind of pales when compared to the iPhone or Blackberry phones, but, I couldn’t really afford those high tech phones and just went with the one that is not quite so high tech, but still good for me, anyway.

    Still, as long as her phone works, then it’s good for her. I’m impressed that it still does work as it looks rather old.

    Those chain things are rather popular. I don’t know the technical term for it though.

    And speaking of phones or keeping in touch, how am I supposed to keep in touch with you these days? You disappeared from Facebook on me!

  4.  avatar

    Completely agree about the cameras.

  5. Lorna avatar

    Great post Eleanor, couldn’t agre more. I despise the whole ‘let’s shove a phone into it’ mentality. I have a fucking proper camera for all that.

    I hate when I have to shop for a new phone especially…I get all the blah from the sales guy about cameras and I tell him I don’t care – I have a proper one. I want a phone. Then I hear all about the shite ringtones – I don’t care…I want it to ring – It is a phone. Arggh! I care about the battery life…but the law of phones is: take whatever they tell you and crank that down by a third (2 thirds in the case of the Razrs).

  6. Tony avatar

    I’d agree with you… except for the fact that I’m reading this on an iPhone. And not just an iPhone, but the iPhone 3G I replaced my iPhone with.

  7. Lorna avatar

    Bugger balls, I meant ‘shove a camera into it’ mentality…that’s what I get for typing without having had a cup of tea first…

  8. Tiq avatar

    hahahaha, bugger balls….

    fucking hell, I’m so immature. T_T

  9. oldshcoolie avatar

    The older I get the less I seem to care, so whats if it’s new with extra features and in fashion, what I have already does the job, and I’d rather spend my money on something else.

  10. Eleanor avatar

    Ummm cream puffs….

    Yeah battery life is really important. I love my DS battery, it stays awake for ages, but my sad old phone just doesn’t cut it. If I haven’t charged it that very day it will cut out after the initial ‘hello it’s…’ DEAD PHONE. I am scared of phone shops tho, so I will try and get a new one, but not very hard.

  11. arc14716 avatar

    Yes, she’s alive!

    I haven’t switched on my DS in months. The last time I did so, was to watch a video cartridge. Yes, I do have one video cartridge that came from that line of GBA cartridges that had cartoons on it. The quality of the video and audio was pretty good. I think if I get a copy of Pokemon Platinum, then I’ll be giving my DS a good workout.

    In regards to your cell phone, I had a similar problem last month with my Razr cell phone. It would cut off on me in the middle of a call, or I would find that it switched itself off while it was in my pocket. A friend of mine was having similar problems, which led me to conclude that my phone was going bad, which led me getting the current enV2 I now have.

    What is it aboout the phone shops that you’re scared of?

  12. Uzi avatar

    I worked for Nokia from 1999 until 2005.

    Seen LOTS of Nokia phones come and go and the one you own was a rather nice-looking model of their inexpensive phone selection, Eleanor. I liked the opposing direction of the keys. There were only 3 models I liked more, and they were all very pricey, the 8810 (shiney chrome “cigarette-lighter”, fingerprint smudges made it less popular after the novelty wore off), the 8890 (gun-metal “cigarette-lighter”), and the Nokia Communicator.

    New isn’t always better. I bought the Nokia N-Gage. : ( Used it for about 3 hours, at the most. Buttons hurt my thumb-joints.

    You’re too young to get stodgy, now. Eventually you’ll be overtaken whether you like it or not. I’m HOPING that the world economy will correct this worship of all things new (and usually unimproved) and we’ll start listening to gray-haired people, again. With any luck, I’ll be cool just as I go full-on gray.

  13. Uzi avatar

    Watch this, Eleanor…

    Everything’s amazing, nobody’s happy

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