Nerf N-Strike (Juniors)

The first ever 2-in-1 video game and toy is now available for purchase. The bundled NERF SWITCH SHOT EX-3 blaster,  offers two ways to play, it can be used in-game by popping the Wii remote into the chamber or swapping in the dart cartridge to transform the blaster into a classic NERF gun!

Name : Max

Age: 6

Did you enjoy this game?

Max: I liked it a bit. There’s some cool levels. You shoot robots, tanks and blocks. You just have to shoot, you don’t control the character. He just moves about himself. You get a nerf gun and fit your Wii controller in it. In the game you can choose different guns to shoot with. They have different shapes and patterns. Some you can keep hold of the trigger and it’ll shoot quite a lot and some shoot bullets come out slowly. There’s a shield in the game and once that goes down to nothing you’ll fail your mission.

Did you dislike anything about it?

Max: Sometimes it’s a bit hard but I had people to play with me, Dan, Kirsten, Anthony. They helped. Some levels you can win very easily but I hate the block shooting levels because I’m rubbish at shooting the blocks out of the ring before the time runs out.

Did you have a favourite character?

Max: There’s different characters you can be but I played as Shane because he looks like me. There’s a Spanish guy I had to beat. He keeps saying “Amigo” for some reason.

What was the best bit about the game?

Max: Having an actual gun to point with is good but it just makes it easier to shoot. there’s no best bit, I liked most of it.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Max: It’s kinda hard and I got annoyed with that. I don’t like it that there’s a lot of timers in it. I don’t like that the guns available change. Sometimes ones you’ve unlocked aren’t available in a level.

How much fun was this game?

Max: Out of ten? *long pause* SEVEN!
(Max has recently learned about scoring things out of ten. He was not prompted for a score, just asked how much fun the game was.)

Parents comment: Max got frustrated at some parts as the difficulty curve is quite steep in the campaign mode but the design is aimed at children. It would probably be most suitable for a child around age 9 but Max still managed to get a lot of fun out of it.







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  1. bob avatar

    as if a kid would say “quite”… please, if you’re going to fake an interview, at least use the right language

  2. Tony avatar

    Having actually met young Max I’d say he said “quite”.

    He’s “quite” bright.

    And out of interest, why exactly would you think this site would fake an interview with a 6 year old boy?

  3. Nathan avatar

    So people would want to buy the game.
    I bet they just either said or made up the problems with the game to make it sound more realistic. Besides Nerf games=boring I like real life shooting more myself. And that is NOT a lie.

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