Let it flow

Oh yeah, let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. No I don’t mean snow, nor is it some random female act, I mean the water, let the water flow. Woot yeah.

I have never really understood red nose day, I think it is really a very British thing and Ireland maybe doesn’t go in for it so much, or maybe I just live in a walnut, who knows. Anyways, I don’t get it so I was doing a little research to see if maybe I had a place in red nose day, or if something about it appealed to me. Sadly I got bored and still really don’t get the hang of it apart from it being nice and having a rather Blue Peter-ish feeling about it all.

Ohhh biscuits, I get them.

So it’s happening this year on the 13th March. Isn’t that supposed to be bad luck? I guess if it has no relation to religion then 13s don’t matter. Anyhow to get you all in the mood here is a game to play for red nose day. That sentence has a rhyme in it, and you know it.


It’s called Flow, so the world makes sense again now, and it’s all about connecting up pipes to water the field in the arid land. Pretty fun if you ask me. Be warned the water moves really slowly so don’t leave pumping till the last second, and you can’t move pipes once the water has started to flow. That one caught me out big time. Oh, and be nice to the elephant, poking him doesn’t improve anything.







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  1. Mark avatar

    My favourite Comic Relief game is called Sleepwalker, and was made for the Amiga, Commodore 64, Atari-ST and PC. You play a dog called Lee who has to stop his sleepwalking pal, Ralph, from falling down manholes or tripping over banana skins. That sort of thing.

    Ralph was voiced by Lenny Henry, and Harry Enfield had a voice over cameo too!

    It was a lot of fun, back on the old Amiga.

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