A Christmas Carol

T’was a few nights before Christmas and the sound of my 360’s fans were thankfully drowning out the horrendous seasonal music from the other parts of the house. Engaging my smug mode I sat down ready to play something… anything and then it happened. A horrendous screeching noise from the cream coloured box of gaming pleasures, topped off with a nice cherry coloured flashing set of lights.

Suffice to say that no Christmas song had ever had any of the profanities that followed accompanying it, enough to make old Cliff choke on his mistletoe and wine. I felt a bit like a child who had just had his innocence broken when he was told the big secret behind Father Christmas a few years too early.

My Christmas gaming plans had been thrown into disarray, I was destined to spend the holiday season in Azeroth with a side helping of Team Fortress, not a bad plan by any means but not ‘the’ plan.

Fast forward a few days and come Christmas morning I had a lovely surprise when I opened a present to be greeted by a shining brand new Elite, I was as happy as a Z-list celebrity in a Primark ½ price sale.

So, thanks to my girlfriend and my best mate who went in together to get me the console, my gaming plans were back on track. Throw in half a dozen new games and I’m happy as Larry, whoever Larry is. Even watching movies is a more enjoyable experience, as the audio is no longer over shadowed by its predecessor’s fan system, but the less said about that the better!

I suppose every cloud really does have a silver lining, for me I got myself a new console, for Microsoft they got a new console sale, either way, everyone ends up happy. Now if you excuse me, I’ve got some running to do, jiggies to find, piñatas to entice, civilizations to dominate and some chainsaw duels to partake in.







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  1. Michael avatar

    Mistletoe is poisonous, you know, so that would’ve killed Cliff. Not the profanities.

    What are jiggies? Makes me think of jaggies. That’s what we called these thorny bushes that used to line the public path next to my neighbour’s house years ago. Dunno why the NIHE (presumably) planted them there though…

  2. Ben avatar

    Jigsaw pieces you collect in Banjo Kazooie (which I actually quite like despite the break away from its usual game style), sort of like stars in Super Mario 64.

  3. Darach avatar

    What are “Jiggies”?!!

    Poor deprived child. Go at once to your parent of choice, and ask that they purchase “Banjo Kazooie” from the XBLA service, for the mere piddling trifle of 1200 MS points.

  4. The Rook avatar
    The Rook

    I was busy playing Fallout 3 and exploring through a radiated area. Parts of the screen went yellowy greeny. I thought the radiation was effecting my vision. So, I left the radiated area and the water putside was the same yellowy greeny colour. So I thought it must be the radiation poisoning, I’ll take my medication and still colours were off. TUrns out my 360 was screwed.

    So I too had to consider what my gaming would entail. I couldn’t live with off colour gaming so I went out an bought myself a new elite.

    Gaming in the right colours works better.

  5. Lorna avatar

    What would Christmas be without talk of Cliff Richard’s demise…thanks for making me smile at the mere thought Michael 😉

    I know a few folk whose 360s have RROD on them right before Christmas 🙁 Perhaps they were bad this year? 😉

  6.  avatar

    I cringe every time I hear someones RRoD story because I’ve been there. But I’m glad this one has a happy ending. 🙂

  7. Michael avatar

    No bother Lorna! 😀 Though I couldn’t have done it without Ben. Or Mistletoe and Wine for that matter.

  8. Jonathan Grier avatar
    Jonathan Grier

    Psh, what’s all this Cliff hate?

    Saviors Day is a fine song.

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