Wii will miss you

This week I had to let go of my Nintendo Wii due to personal circumstances. A sad feeling but it was a last resort. So before I packed up my beautiful console, I hooked her up one more time. A last wave of goodbye to the population of innocent Miis, a tug of my heart strings as the Wii sung out to me in its chimes and friendly tones, a flick through the game save slots reminiscing good times, then to finish off my guilt to the loyal gaming companion, I clicked ‘format’.

While some may sympathise and some may say “good riddance”, thinking of it from a gamer’s point of view I’m 50/50. If we forget for a second that I had sold it to survive, let’s think more on whether it was worth keeping as a gaming console. I certainly was jumping for joy when I received my first released Nintendo Wii as a Christmas present. Obviously the first choice title to accompany its arrival would be no other than The Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess.

Being one of the first in Britain to experience new gaming spurred a lot of exciting conversations among others. With triumph my Wii appeased the old-fashioned grumpy parents who don’t have high opinions on gaming; perhaps its physical aspects of gaming was inviting for them too. That Christmas brought a new light to the family party, even the eldest of elders felt pretty proud to be part of ‘new technology’.

Along with the new machine came the introduction of mini representatives. I feel that the Nintendo Miis beat Microsoft Avatars (maybe it’s my Asian cultured influence, I fall prey to vibrant coloured anime). Unlike the avatar which had me spending ages fussing over every single feature, only to still not be satisfied with the result today, I think my Mii makes a better representation of me. Short as a little stub, psychotic face with huge nostrils. Perfect!

Gamers argue the existence of the Wii. To me, it’s not about whether this baby console was going to impress the hardcore. My beliefs say that the good gamer is open-minded and will throw themselves into anything. I’m happy to have owned and spent time with a Nintendo Wii. Admittedly the recent months had found the console not being played much. I regard this to lack of time and money. Also I had been waiting forever for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. I’m optimistic though, hopefully by the time that particular title is released I’ll be in better situations all-round and I’ll re-unite with Nintendo. The back catalogue built up by then should be a nice bit of bargain gaming. So this here is my contemporary goodbye and in the meantime I shall lay down the memories of my favourites titles so far with the Wii.







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  1.  avatar

    Goodbye, TinyWii. We knew it well.

  2. arc14716 avatar

    I haven’t played my Wii much recently myself. Still, I’m not quite ready to let it go just yet. I have a very small collection of games for it though.

    I’m still holding out for the day when they finally release the Super Nes version of Earthbound onto the Virtual Console.

  3. o aKaMeGaTrOn o avatar
    o aKaMeGaTrOn o

    “Wii will miss you”

    Yeah I know what thats like, my wii got stolen in a burglary last year along with all our mii’s living inside it…heart breaking really.

    off topic, I was playin soulcalibre IV last night against a ‘tinyshaz’ on xbox live…she was badass with Taki, wonder if it was the same tinyshaz ?!?!?

  4. James avatar

    Haha. Yes she was the same Shaz and im the same James n all XD

    *waves tinywii bye*

  5. Michael avatar

    You’re right, you do look psychotic as a Mii. I think it’s scarier because of the MASSIVE HEAD that goes with it.

  6. John.B avatar

    Awwwww, bye TinyWii!

    Although I must say I have pretty strong words about the Wii…I’ll save them for another post. 🙂

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