Transient Possession

With the busy holiday season upon us we’re absolutely deluged with shiny new games to play, and yet I still feel that there may be older games I’ve missed that I ought to check out. Just to see if I’ve missed anything. So I’ve been renting them.

No doubt game rentals are another thing, along with second-hand sales, which will be decried as the death of the industry, but I treat such decryings as the shrill hysterical squawkings they are. To me, renting’s a good way of checking out something you might not have bought anyway, and if you like it, you might buy it, and if you don’t, no big loss. Another facet of the industry, another strand, another way to experience games, and something that doesn’t seem to have done the movie industry a lot of harm. So screw the nay-sayers, frankly.

So what, you are no doubt asking, have I rented recently?

Well, I’ll tell you.

In the last few months, I’ve rented:

  • Ace Combat 6 (Ace)
  • Frontlines: Fuel of War (Not bad, not great)
  • Football Manager 2008 (Impenetrable)
  • Army of Two (Appalling)
  • Timeshift (Nice concept, flawed execution)

Ace Combat 6 was something of a revelation. I don’t think I’d ever have considered buying it, but what a fun game it turned out to be. I’d have missed out on it if not for renting.

Army of Two, not so much. It pretty much turned out as bad as everyone said it was. But at least now I know for myself.

So there you have it. It might expand your horizons, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a cheaper way to be disappointed than if you’d actually bought Army of Two.

Renting. It’s a bit like borrowing, only you have to pay for it.







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  1. arc14716 avatar

    Looks like we both have something in common. I, too have been renting some of the new games lately. Some of my experiences:

    Mercenaries 2: Fun, worth renting; may wait for a used copy when the price is right.

    GTA IV: Good, but kind of slow in some parts. A little too dark in some areas (shading, appearance). Not as good as . . . .

    Saints Row II: Great play, guilty pleasure. I think I blew up one of the trains with a rocket launcher. Will buy when used or if price comes down on new copy. Sad I missed out on the special edition goodies though.

    Gears of War II: This one I kept WAY past the due date. Good play, didn’t get to try multiplayer as much. Will get in future.

    C&C Red Alert 3: So sorry I rented it. Not worth it. Should’ve rented Call of Duty: WAW. Will be doing so tomorrow.

    And on GTA IV, I bought the strategy guide. My experience so disappointed me, I actually returned it to the store I bought it from. It was still in near mint condition, so they took it back.

  2. Tony avatar

    I see.

    So what you are saying, Arc and Simes, is that you are both rentboys?

  3. City avatar


    Ive never once rented a game. ever.
    Given my currently financial situation and my current greed for ps3 titles, Maybe I should.. :/
    But then I wouldnt own them, and I like a very nice collection of games, even if some do suck.

  4. Emily avatar

    Did you play Army of Two with a friend or on your own? I thought it was brilliant fun with my boyfriend, the story was laughable, the gun ‘bling’ was ridiculous, but it was still fun. I liked the way aggro worked…

    Maybe we’re the only two people who liked that game.

  5. Lorna avatar

    I haven’t stepped into the rental world yet. If I don’t fancy paying full price for something then I usually try and get it pre-owned, though renting would be more cost efficient. My only problem is living where I do and an online renting leaves me at the mercy of Royal Mail…never an appetising prospect.

  6. Simes avatar

    I didn’t play co-op, Emily, so I was stuck with the stupidity of the AI as well. After he ran off, fetched a room full of enemies, and died where I couldn’t get to him for the nth time I decided I’d rather spend my time on something else.

  7.  avatar

    I rent most of my games these days, but if I see the game having a lasting appeal I’ll buy when the rentals gone back or when I see it pre-owned

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