Spanky Spanky

I spanked a Rabbid today. I woke up late, crawled out of bed, made a cup of tea, turned on the computer, and then I spanked a Rabbid. So it was pretty much the first thing I did. Maybe I should alter my initial statement to be: The very first thing I did today was spank a Rabbid. However this may imply that I merely got up to spank a Rabbid, which is not true, I would have got up at some point whether there was Rabbid to spank or not. So I will stick with my initial line: I spanked a Rabbid today.

Sadly I would rate this experience as mediocre. Having been enticed by advertising I was looking forward to spanking a Rabbid. Everyone loves a good spanking, right? And we all like Rabbids, don’t we? One would expect the experience to have been most agreeable, but I stand firm with my mediocre statement. The spanking time frame was short and my result of ‘not as quick as you could have been’ was less than satisfactory. I do not blame the game though, I blame the laptop.

Look at them all begging to be spanked. Middle row on the right is certainly getting the first one.

The mouse-less nature of a laptop is not designed for a quick and efficient spank. I find that my finger pad is sluggish at finding the Rabbit. It can also be so inaccurate that I may not be able to spank the further away Rabbid that I intended to spank leading to it’s escape. Maybe the two fingered method of ‘one finger finger sliding and other finger using the left click button’ would have been sufficient, but I was stupidly using the one finger method of ‘one fingered finger slide followed by double finger tap using the same finger’. Foolish I know. Thus my spanking experience was, as I said, mediocre.

So now it is time for me to do more socially acceptable things with my Sunday, such as refuse to go outside as it is raining. I am done with Rabbid spanking for today, but I feel it was important that you all know that I did spank a Rabbid. It is also important that you know that it was not the only reason I got out of bed, but it was pretty high on my ‘things I was looking forward to today’ list. However it was ruined by my poor one fingered laptop usage. I hope you all enjoyed this flash insight into my sordid Rabbid spanking lifestyle. I wish you a good day filled with spanking thoughts of your own.







12 responses to “Spanky Spanky”

  1. Dan avatar

    “I feel it was important that you all know that I did spank a Rabbid”
    Thanks for the FYI El!

  2. John avatar

    There are so many things I want to write here and so many reasons why I can’t!

  3. Eleanor avatar

    You are welcome Dan, I aim to please.

    Go on John, don’t be such a bore….

  4. City avatar

    Ahh damn that was fun!
    Im now looking for more things to spank, the boyfriend looks scared =)

  5. Uzi avatar

    You may indulge in becoming a rabid Rabbid-spanker, though I recommend the open palm method, rather than 1 or 2 fingers.

    Just don’t start spanking Rabbis. That would be bad.

  6. Nick avatar

    I spanked a monk….nah maybe I shouldn’t.

    Gotta love Rabbids

    Played the first Raving Rabbids in work for the first time last week had great craic!

  7. Dave (a different one) avatar
    Dave (a different one)

    So, it’s a Monday morning and I’m trying to face going to work….but after a long missive about spanking I’m now up and ready to go. Erm, okay, that’s not come out quite how I meant it…

  8. arc14716 avatar

    I spanked some Rabbids just now. I had a full sized desktop and thought the experience was “meh”.

    So you didn’t miss out too much El.

    It’s funny. Yesterday (Saturday), it rained all day out here in Hawaii. On Sunday, it was your turn in the UK.

    So in a way, a bit of Hawaii came out there to you folks in the UK.

  9. RAYMAN avatar

    Haha, spank you very much.

    The first game you can play with your butt. Now I understand why they invited Kim Kardashian to play it.

  10. Michael avatar

    It pretty much always rains in the UK so, no, it’s not funny. Having sun, now that would be!

    Family Guy is pretty rubbish and I am more shocked at you (potentially) being a fan of it than by the revelation that you are a compulsive rabbid spanker. But not by much. Maybe.

  11. Lorna avatar

    John, you read my mind 😉

  12. DelTorroElSorrow avatar

    I am disturbed and not a little upset by the amount of times the word “spank” has been used in this blog.

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