LittleBigPlanet (Juniors)

The long awaited LittleBigPlanet is here. Part multiplayer platformer, part virtual playground with limitless possibilities for fun. Collect objects in the story mode to add to your toolkit in creation mode then let your imagination and creativity loose and share your creations with your friends.

Name : Shannon

What did you like about LittleBigPlanet?

Shannon: I liked how you could change the way Sackgirl was. You can also change the way everything looks. It was very easy to play too.

What did you dislike this game?

Shannon: Some parts were very complicated like when I was trying to make a level and when I tried to catch a balloon (I missed it!).

Who was your favourite character?

Shannon: Sackgirl of course. I liked that you could turn them into different things like lions and skeletons after you have unlocked them.

What was the best bit about the game?

Shannon: Making my own level. I put stairs in it then you had to jump on to a platform that was springy and then on to a rocket powered skateboard that went at full speed.

What was the worst bit about the game?

Shannon: Nothing, because it was very fun, not boring.

How much fun was this game?
Shannon: It was ghostly fun (that’s really, really good).

Parent’s Comments: Personally I am loving the game to bits myself, the levels are fun and the editor is hugely comprehensive in the scope it has. That said for the younger child, the editor can prove to be a bit fiddly but with some parental supervision it’s a cinch. The controls are easy in the main game with run, jump and grab being all you need. Sackboy is loveable and cute and the range of customising options are great, we currently have him as a skeleton lion!







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  1. Chris avatar

    I’ve never seen this kind of review done on a videogames web site before, I take my hat off to you. A brilliant idea, Games hella good as well.

  2. Dave Irwin avatar
    Dave Irwin

    Agreed, a child’s perspective on a game is as important as one of a critic, so a mix of the two is a fantastic idea.

    I believe the charm of Little Big Planet to be timeless as long as you have a creative streak in you. More options are however open to you as you play through the single player campaign (which doesn’t last too long and helps with the controls), so it is worth playing that as well as creating your own/playing your friend’s levels. Also, Stephen Fry can do tutorials any day for me on how to play a game!

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