Remember, remember the games of November!

Okay one thing I truly have to ask you all, how many of your games do you complete? Everytime I log onto Xbox Live you’re all already playing the new release titles. Seriously some of you have too much money to burn. Believe me I know the excitement of seeing fresh shiny boxes on shelves but come on, another thing that annoys me is how many of you still haven’t finish those goddarn games that you had been longly anticipating! At least give the game developers justice because they’ve done such a fantastic job bringing entertainment to us consumers. Wouldn’t you be a little heart broken if gamers never got around to the finale of your work? I’ve been shocked lately that some of my friends still haven’t finished Assassin’s Creed, Crisis Core, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Patapon or even Bioshock from last year!

On the other hand I know a few gamers who are very lucky to spare time for gaming leisure. Finished their games within an average of four to five days. Boy do I envy you guys! Personally it’ll probably take me about two or three weeks to complete a game with my current dedications. I still stick to my guns on taking things one by one though. At the moment I’m pretty happy plodding along with Saints Row 2 and Fable 2. Until I finish those both shall I be trading them in towards the next game in the wishlist.

So here we go again, the same problem that I always face every time we near the end of the year. When the quiet period comes to an end and everybody goes crazy in the tidal wave of new games. Perhaps I may be slow to the scene with the majority this November but I’ve got an advantage. While I’m still finishing my games I’ll be surrounded by the chit chat of the gaming trend. I’ll be keeping an eye on the feedback in the Ready Up forums and it’ll help me decide what to go for next.

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve counted at least 19 games I want. Gamers I bid you all good luck ‘cuz the month is certainly looking to be busy. I wonder which ones you’ll be going for first? Are some of you going to be storming through all the titles in no time? Let’s see what you guys will convince me to buy next.

Think of how much money this all equates to!







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  1. Van-Fu avatar

    If a game is good, it will at least get finished on the medium setting. Hard setting as well, if it is exceptional. But mostly, I feel that developers are taking the mickey with the hardest difficulty.

    But that is just me.

  2. Dave avatar

    I got Fable, Fallout 3, Quantum of Solace and Guitar Hero World Tour within a week of each other…all of these games are awesome, but how can one gamer alone finish all of these in any sensible amount of time :'(

    Then I remember that I still need to finish Lost Odyssey, finish the 3rd quest in Oblivion GOTY Edition and actually START Eternal Sonata…I’m way out of my depth here…

  3. Michael avatar

    That’s not fair, Shaz. I only finished Assassin’s Creed recently because I only play once a week and have done for a while. However, the new games I’ve played since are not all my own purchases but shared ones.

    On my currently playing/to-play list are *clears throat* Fable 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2, Battlefield: Bad Company, Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway, Dead Space, Lost Odyssey, Dark Chronicle, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Mirror’s Edge, Left 4 Dead… there’s probably more but I can’t think of them without exploding.

    Oh, and I just finished the Rainbow Six Vegas 2 terrorist hunts on Realistic the other day. Murdertown was maybe the worst…

  4. Tony avatar

    I’ve got more games coming up than a man could realistically ever play, and then I went and played the Mirror’s Edge demo and now I *have* to have that one too when it comes out.

  5. Donna avatar

    It’s about time Professor Layton is being sold in the EU. It’s been out in the US since way earlier in the year. It’s a brilliant game. Luckily I’ve already played it as I have waaaaaaaay too many games lining up to be played.

  6. Skill avatar

    I feel your pain, really I do.
    I now have so many games I’m still playing, that I’m actually too embarassed to tell you how many. *blushes*

    AND, I want Fallout, Tomb Raider, Nuts ‘n’ Bolts, Left 4 Dead and the new DS Fire Emblem. I’m even eyeing up others as well!!

    So! Line in the sand!
    I’m not paying for any more games! Its all trade-ins from here on in. 🙂

    Except for Fallout, that’s pre-ordered.
    And Left 4 Dead cos that’s all about the online community and you have to have it when it comes out. Obviously.
    Oh, and Fire Emblem cos I love Fire Emblem.

    Oh dear. 🙁

  7. TequilaClint avatar

    Left 4 dead.
    Nuff said!

  8. City avatar

    Ive just pre-ordered…

    LittleBigPlanet (as I now own a ps3.. yay)
    Guitar hero world tour
    Tomb Raider
    Left 4 Dead
    Company of Heroes
    GTA4 for PC

    Im currently playing..
    Star Wars, The Force Unleased on Ps3
    R type Tactis on PSP
    Command and Conquer RA3 on PC

  9. Paige avatar

    Currently I have no new games whatsoever but I’m hoping to get my hands on Fable 2 on Sunday. Being short on money really isn’t the greatest place to be in with all of these games coming!

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