Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero has come a long way since it first appeared on the PS2, by my reckoning World Tour is the seventh Guitar Hero title but this time the changes are pretty big, just like the box it comes in. For this review I spent time playing the game alone on guitar and also spent a day hosting the game as it was released to the UK public, in all it’s glory, for the first time at Video Games Live. So you can take this review as my own feelings as well as the insight of several hundred gamers that passed on their opinions to me over a very long but enjoyable day.

With a game like this we need to look at the equipment first. I’ll go through the gear in order of awesomeness.

The mic is, well, a USB mic that works just fine. It just isn’t very exciting. Singing in World Tour works as expected, the on-screen guide strikes me as a cross between Singstar and Rock Band and performs well.

Next, the new guitar. Of all the guitar controllers I have used I have always preferred the Guitar Hero III iteration, World Tour’s offering feels like an improved version of my favourite. It’s sturdy and very smart looking. The star power ‘pad’ is genius, because I suck at lifting the guitar without killing my note streak.

DRUMS.. with cymbals! I used to be a drummer many years ago, I wasn’t particularly good but I could hold my own. I was super excited with Rock Band launched but I was disappointed with the drums. The sticks didn’t bounce very well, the pads were far too noisy and the layout didn’t feel very natural. I just couldn’t get the hang of drumming with uncrossed hands. World Tour’s drums bounce, they are quieter and they have cymbals. This excited me and I really enjoyed playing them however I do have a few concerns about how much of a beating they will take. I had these same concerns about my Rock Band drums. Only time will tell if they can really take the beating I’m planning on giving them. One issue that did come up with World Tour’s drums over one day’s pounding was that the thumb screws holding the cymbals to the kit seemed to shake themselves loose over time, although this only happened on one of the kits while the other was fine.

The game itself is presented in the traditional Guitar Hero form with added features for the new instruments. The sequencer looks pretty robust for people willing to put the time in. There are a few changes to how you play bass with the addition of the ‘open strum’ and lead guitar features a familiar ‘no strumming’ solo system with the new touch sensitive neck of the World Tour guitar.

The new track listing is robust with most members of the public easily finding a track they knew well. At first glance I was able to pick out 15 tracks that I would consider favourite songs of mine so I was quite impressed. Being able to queue up to six songs in practice mode is a nice little touch that had me storming through my favourites in no time. What’s that you say? “Dan, do tell us your favourites!!” Oh okay then top five..

  • Jimmy Eat World – The Middle
  • The Eagles – Hotel California
  • Korn – Freak On A Leash
  • The Stone Roses – Love Spreads
  • Smashing Pumpkins – Today

I mean, come on. How did it take this long to get ‘Today’ into a Guitar Hero type game? Thank god they did and ‘Freak On A Leash’? My god that is an awesome song! I understand some of these will also be in Rock Band 2 so apparently the message is getting out on the songs we want to play.







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  1. Tony avatar

    I agree with you on the drums. I’ve never played Rock Band but I saw the kit on the Gadget Show and the noise it made when you hit them was apalling.

    The only question now is, how much is the drum kit? (as I already have two guitars)

  2. Michael avatar

    What’s this star power pad then? I hated trying to activate SP for GHIII… sometimes it was such a hassle, other times it seemed to go on with no tilt at all!

  3. Tony avatar

    If the guitar was in a stand, with the neck pointing up, the Star Power pad is directly below the strum bar, about the same size as the strum bar, but perpendicular to it.

  4. City avatar

    I have to say I really like world tour.
    Im currently deciding about the band pack, I have 2 ps2 guitars and the converter leads to make them work on my ps3.. so really i think i’ll end up buying the gameware versions of the mic and drums sperately later on as I cant bring myself to part with that much money in one week, plus you have to wait an extra week to get the complete band pack, which quite frankly has annoyed me!

  5. Pete avatar

    I tried the GHWT demo with my rockband kit and it worked fine, converting the 5 lane setup for GH into 4 lane for RB drums. If you already have RockBand, then GHWT is a top ‘add on pack’ for more tracks.

    I purchased the official Rockband silencers from GAME (£12.99) and combined with a pair of £1.99 TAMA rubber tips from a music shop… my rockband drums are now near silent, seriously…. silent – not kidding.


    Gamertag: MGB Dudue

  6. Pete avatar

    not MGB Dude any more….. [cries]

    Now “MisterStaples”

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